Cheryl Inspires Us To Slow Cook

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We had the delight of being invited to witness some slow cookery by our friend and fellow blogger, Cheryl. Her blog is delightful with lots of drinks and fashion. We got to talking to the ladies of Zen of Slow Cooking.  You can find out more about them here

After talking about how we all slow cook and tasting some of their recipes, we decided to make one of our favorite slow cooked recipes. While they have delightful kits available through Peapod and spice packets to be found at Whole Foods, we are stuck on Korean flavors. So, Alison immediately knew which recipe to make. Our slow cooked Korean Pulled Pork.

This is an easy slow cooker recipe. You mix the spices all together which only requires you to smash some garlic cloves, grate some ginger and pour the rest and then after a whisk you dump it on your meat. While the recipe calls for pork shoulder you can use any tough meat. In our case, today we’re doing chuck roast!

Easy to throw together and you can have dinner ready on time. The flavors are big so you don’t have to worry about adding anything. We might roast some brussel sprouts in the oven, but we’re all about easy on our days off.  

Why not slow cook when it turns out perfectly every time?  In the fall, there is nothing better than enjoying those last few days of semi-warmth than letting your kitchen be vacant.  We’ll get to the crazy days of holiday baking, but those are a long way off.  Especially after a crazy Halloween yesterday, we want a slow and relaxing Tuesday.  Let’s also hope that we will survive #NaBloPoMo.  We’re entering ourselves into the chaos so let us get through with well planned meals and no last minute hassles. 

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