Our Bumble & Bumble Must Haves

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bumble These are the products that we use almost every single day.  We are extremely excited to be getting our hair cut again by Bumble & Bumble stylists!  We have been spreading the word about their need for hair models and nearly forgot to share our love.  If you’ve never tried Bumble & Bumble you are missing out on great hair days.

  1. Primer, aka Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer.  This is something you can put in your hair no matter the day.  Especially great for when you blow dry your hair.  Cuts down on damage and keeps your hair looking amazing.  Basically gets rid of your hair having a mind of it’s own, what we all need.  
  2. The Flat Brush aka the only brush I want.  This has bristles that touch your scalp and promotes circulation, all while keeping that natural good oil on your hair.  The brush feels really nice too, like a daily massage. 
  3. Don’t Blow It aka perfect hair even without heat.  I love this for days when I don’t have any events.  You just leave it in your hair and let everyone be jealous at the grocery store.  A great product for an easy breezy, air drying hair day. 
  4. Dry Shampoo aka Prête-à-powder.  The powder that can help your hairstyle last all day.  Or this can save you from limp or flat hair.  This isn’t your average dry shampoo.  There is volumizer to add that extra pizzazz to your hair.  

These are our go to products.  We use these in our hair every day.  Sometimes more than one but usually just a few spritzes of primer can go all day.  We truly love Bumble & Bumble beyond their hair cuts.  Their products are also must haves to keep that style looking the best that it can.  So, feel free to love more of their products, you won’t regret stocking up.  

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