Bowtruss Offers Cupping

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If you don’t know about our coffee addiction, then you are missing a large portion to what motivates us.  Will work for coffee would be an understatement.  Coffee is something that we seek out regardless of whatever else we are doing.  Alison has run a coffee shop before and thus stems our complete and utter devotion to coffee.  

We did live in the Seattle area and even in the early 2000s you could find a coffee shop within a mile or so.  If not more popular, the coffee was prevalent, but roasting hadn’t become mainstream and a certain franchise began to permeate the market with a brew that we don’t exactly prefer.  We dislike dark roasts entirely.  

We’re snobs really so it isn’t any wonder that we’d be willing to attend a cupping.  I can easily say that Alison is the one that knows all the lingo.  I tend to get sidetracked by the delicious coffee going into my mouth.  However, give me tasting notes and I can tell you exactly what I want.  


Bowtruss roasts all their beans.  They currently have more South American varieties.  The best part is that our cupping was three of those.  If you’ve never been to a cupping before, then you should know it is similar to a wine tasting.  You get spit cups and you go through various tasting stages.  You can talk about the flavors and aromas that you are experiencing.  This is all to help you understand that coffee can taste different even at different temperatures. 

The first part of a cupping is all focused on your sense of smell.  You will notice that the dry coffee will have varying aromas to the steeping coffee.  They may be similar but as the coffee sits the notes will change.  The most rewarding part is breaking the top.  A full on rush for your nose that is hard to describe.  If you love coffee, then you should definitely attend a cupping.  There is so much detail you can garner just from about an hour of methodically sipping and sniffing the cups.  

You have no reason to be hesitant.  We even brought a tea drinker who still got something out of the experience.  If there’s someone that you have been trying to share your love of coffee with, then a cupping is just what you require.  There is versatility to be found in how coffee is served.  Bowtruss even has nitro which might be more to the liking of those that find coffee bitter or acidic.  You might even find out more about what you really like to drink.  

Bowtruss does offer flights of coffee.  I had one with their Brazilian roast.  The flight is an espresso shot, four ounces of drip coffee, and eight ounces of pour over all with the same bean.  Again you will find vast taste differences.  their cuppings are open to the public.  They were also offering 10% discount to attendees.  This is a great opportunity for any coffee lovers looking to learn more about the roasting process or tasting notes.  Bowtruss is certainly a great roaster that we would go out of our way to find in the city.  You can always order their coffee online or pick it up at one of their many stores.  

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