3 Bakeries We Crave

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mandy-b We are foodies. We live to eat the tasty pastries most of all.  There is just something baked into them that we love more than most other treats.  Be it savory or sweet, we want our bakery items.  We want them fresh and delicious.  Healthy doesn’t really play into it for us. 

  1. Spunky Dunkers -I don’t particularly care that they only make doughnuts.  That is still a baked good in our book.  The best kind you can have honestly.  So, they are at the top of our list for being open 24/7. They have the most delectable of doughnuts the chocolate buttercream.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Buttercream as in frosting.  These pastries are filled with frosting and topped with a chocolate glaze and sprinkles.  You can find them in a few locations.  This is our ultimate crave.  
  2. Sweet Mandy B’s- A full blown bakery.  They seem to do everything.  Although, they don’t do it all the time.  They do certain flavors on certain days so beware that you will potentially need more than one favorite item.  Someone I know is in love with their blueberry pancake cupcakes.  As for us, we tend to like a bit of everything.  They do make adorable Cubs themed treats as well, as seen above.  They are located in the city and you will find yourself illegally parking just to run in and nab a baked good. This is a spot we crave more and more since it always appears to be ‘close by’ when we’re  in Chicago.
  3. Deerfield’s Bakery – Another staple in the suburbs, this bakery has it all.  All the pastries you crave.  You will find it hard to pick out something as the whole room tends to be filled with everything you want and more.  We love their cookies and they are hard to pass up.  Of course, you will find yourself wanting to their coffeecakes all by yourself.  If only we had more stomachs to fill, then we wouldn’t have to share so much.  You can find them along the North Shore of Chicago.  

Those are just three of our favorite places to stop for a snack.  Be it with friends or alone, you can certainly rely upon these places to offer you the best in baked goods.  They are all creating their recipes from scratch.  So stop by if you are even close and treat yourself to a new craving. 

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