10 Thanksgiving Recipe Twists

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collage This year we are doing Thanksgiving differently. So, instead of cooking at home we’re volunteering our time to feed the hungry.  However, we nearly forgot all our lovely readers need great recipes to serve up.  So, here are some of favorites for Thanksgiving and afterwards!  They aren’t what you will find on the typical table.  We’ve never been good at being normal.  

For the nut eaters, harissa is a great way to style your nuts.  Savory and the bonus of getting your guests to chow down on some protein when they have trouble waiting for dinner.  Also you might have a lot of fun telling people about harissa and the culture to which it belongs.

We can’t skip out on a bread course which goes with everything.  For dinner and for those days afterwards, you will love a classic challah recipe.  No need to be Jewish to delight in this rich bread which is great as french toast if there’s any left over the next morning. 

If you don’t want to do a full loaf, then we have a biscuit recipe.  We are a sucker for biscuits.  These use chive flowers, but honestly you can just use chives as well, but if you can get the flowers dried then they add the same flavor and purple.  The recipe makes a lot less portion wise unless you can bear small biscuits. 

If you are still uncertain we have another bread option, focaccia.  This is a hit in our house.  Seriously, this makes one sheet pan full of bread.  It will disappear regardless of the day.  This is never left over in our house.  You can make it super savory or you can go the fruit route.  

Since you are going to indulge, this creamy soup is good for sharing.  It’s one of those recipes where you know it has fat even the good kind from avocadoes and the bad kind from bacon, but also if you serve it at a big dinner at least you aren’t left feeling guilty when you eat the whole pot.  Plus, this is a quick blender friendly recipe.  Big flavors with few ingredients and did I mention the bacon? There’s bacon goodness in this soup

If you want to impress, then you can always make your potatoes into gnocchi instead of mashed.  This certainly works with any potato but you will have varying results in color and flavor.  They are still fresh pasta and cook quickly.  We don’t tend to make sweet potato gnocchi, but you can make them. They will be bright orange or you can make purple like ours.  Be sure to have a potato ricer on hand before attempting to make them for the first time.  

For the leftover turkey, we have three options for you.  Each we generally make with chicken but you can easily substitute turkey.  Our favorite post Thanksgiving meal is Turkey Tetrazzini.  This year we have the option of making one of our favorite recipes with turkey as well, our lasagna will do wonders with turkey.  If you have spinachas well, then you can make our spinach skillet with turkey.   We’ll be honest and admit we usually have lots of leftover turkey, so we wanted to give you options for the next dinner and the dinner after that.  

We hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that our recipes have helped you plan your menu.  We aim for delicious foods and there’s no better time than when you are feeding the whole family.  Besides, half the fun is in not making the same recipe every single year.  I mean honestly, there’s always that critic that no matter how many times you explain it is the exact same as last year will never accept it.  The beauty of these recipes is they aren’t too out there.  They use the same ingredients but in new ways.  So just make something new and revel in the compliments. 

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