Street Food Fight

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chicago-grilling-ellice-taco You have probably already seen my posts during September’s Culinary Fight Club.  We had a great night at the Billy Goat Tavern at Navy Pier.  The view was phenomenal as well as the food.  Chef Ellice Talbert won Chicago Grillin’.  She even made her tortillas from scratch!  An hour to make all of her tacos from scratch! Her dish is rightly pictured at the top.   


The heat was intense.  There was a smoky haze for a while but the aromas reminded us that we got to try everything.  The crowd was torn though as oddly enough we preferred Chef Ryan and Chef Jesus’ Chicago Grillin’.  I think it came down to experience as we got different tastes to the perfect dishes served to the judges.  You always know that the food bloggers confer amongst themselves as to which we really liked.  Don’t get me started because I am still put out over the loss of pork candy and cornbread cupcakes.  


The good news is that this month we get to do it all again.  The challenge this time is Street Food.  Culinary Fight Club will descend upon Concord Fifty+Five on October 17th.  You can buy your tickets here.  I expect to taste some amazing dishes as the comments are going a little wild over the Chefs participating this time around.  We’re curious to see what they consider Chicago Street Food.  


If you are looking to give back to FIGHT2FEED, there are always spots for volunteers.  You can sign up here for upcoming dates.  We are excited for our first feed.  We’ve finally slotted it into our calendar.   I know it can be hard to find the time to do everything, so I am glad that we are making the time for FIGHT2FEED.  


We look forward to seeing you at other Culinary Fight Clubs in the future.  There is always something tasty being served up at our fights.  The one rule of Culinary Fight Clubs is to talk about Culinary Fight Club.  So, I look forward to your chatter regarding Chicago Street Food this October!

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