Famous Dave’s FIGHT2FEED

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We’re lucky enough to have the time to volunteer with FIGHT2FEED. A few weekends ago we headed into the city to help package up 1005 meals. The best part was that Famous Dave’s donated all the food!

They were extremely generous. They helped us not only to unload the food but also delivered batches to the shelters. The rest we packed up into single serving containers. Our fellow volunteers took them out into the streets in their own cars to deliver to the hungry.

One of the highlights was knowing how excited the people were to have something they might not have had in years. Seeing that not only we could provide them with a good meal packed with protein, we’re talking ribs and chicken and pulled pork with beans and coleslaw and cornbread muffins. Famous Dave’s really knows how to fill a stomach with all that protein.


The best part of course is knowing just how unselfish these people. They are hungry and might not have a lot living on the streets, but they wouldn’t take more than one share. They didn’t want to take more than what they thought was fair. To know that their gratitude was high was touching, but the fact they wanted to share with everyone was just unbelievable.

If you want to get involved our next feed is Thanksgiving.  You can find more information here.  FIGHT2FEED is a non-profit organization that we are happy to help in our community.  They are all about feeding the hungry people in our communities.  We want to stop food from being wasted and use that food to feed everyone.  No one should go hungry.  There are more ways to help FIGHT2FEED than just volunteering your time which you can learn more about here

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