Chicago Culinary Kitchen Let’s Worship Together

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The title might throw you, but I’m almost entirely certain that I would go out of my way to attend Meat Church.  The website doesn’t even have a time listed, yet but I’m telling you Meat Church is for barbeque lovers.  There will be lots of barbequed meat and sides and craft beers and sausage capes.  

Perhaps I should back up, because Meat Church is just one part of Chicago Culinary Kitchen.  They will be having classes for the beginners, for the ladies, for serious barbeque masters.  Classes are $75 for a session, however you learn how to make everything you are eating and you get 6 pours.  We’re talking microbrews and craft beer.  


Perhaps you will be lucky enough to meet the Soul Taker.  The Soul Taker is magical and we have tasted the bounty of smoked meats from within those doors.  There are also gargoyles guarding the top, because vents are boring otherwise.  Pit Master Greg is someone you can’t help but love after you taste his food. 

Everything was good and the only problem we had was that there was too much of it.  We nearly fell over when he offered us an entire smoked pork butt.  Phenomenal pork that you’re missing out on right now.  I can’t tell you how good it is because you really need to taste it for yourself.  We’ve been using this pork in almost all of our food.  From waffles to sweet rolls to enchiladas.  We are eating it all day long because this is a food that you couldn’t really turn down.  


Chicago Culinary Kitchen is a place we will keep in mind.  You can sign up for their class list here.  Chicago Culinary Kitchen is located in Palatine.  We expect great dishes to be served up nearby.  We certainly hope you will celebrate meat with us by eating Pit Master Greg’s barbeque.  

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