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sonicblend brush
I am so thrilled to be telling you about this brush. When Michael Todd Beauty asked if I maybe wanted to try this new spinning makeup brush….I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  This makeup brush is more than I ever expected. The sonicBlend brush by Michael Todd Beauty is amazing. My look has never been more effortless while letting my face stay perfect all day long.

The sonicBLEND is my new favorite beauty tool. I love that I can get an airbrushed look without a makeup artist. Also, the speed and ease with which I can create my look is saving me time. I don’t have to sit still for long. With a sonic speed of 200 times per second, I couldn’t ever replicate with my fingers or any other brush. A few times around my face and I am set for the day.  Check out the difference in my before and after photos!

sonicblend before

The sonicBlend has built in antimicrobial protection so your brush will stay fresh. Less cleaning involved which is less time I’m spending in my bathroom. The brush is even cordless and rechargeable with a USB cable so you can take it anywhere. Perfect for when you travel. This foundation makeup brush does so much more. sonicBLEND can blend liquids or powders, foundation to bronzer.

sonicblend after

I am being completely honest when I say not only does it blend fabulously, but it is so good that I don’t even look like I’m wearing makeup.  These days I can qualify as a ‘natural beauty’ all because of the sonicBLEND brush.  Even my concealer blends in so perfectly that no one can tell I had pores or spots.  So long imperfections the sonicBLEND is here to perfect your look! 

The #sonicBLEND is easy to hold.  No cramps or fatigue especially with the speed in which I can complete my whole look.  Less than 5 minutes to my best face with this brush.  The best in beauty for me with my favorite brush.  I really can’t overstate how much I love this #MichaelToddBeauty brush.  It’s best if you take my word for it and treat yourself to a flawless look!  

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