Elite Wellness: Do You Need To Rebalance?

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elitewellness cryo
Elite Wellness recently had a more formal opening and asked us to come try out some of their services.  They may have been around for a while but age isn’t important.  Especially since you can look flawless and they have a few helpful services to get you feeling your best.  Elite Wellness is all about holistic health.  We’re talking the whole body.  

Their range of services may surprise you.  They have 5 licensed practitioners that can give you a check up to fine tune your needs.  They provide a range of therapies from infrared sauna detox to acupuncture to chiropractic to functional rehabilitation.  Even if you don’t have an outstanding need you might just want to rebalance yourself.  

Maybe you want to work out at the gym.  Afterwards you might do a cryotherapy session to reduce any inflammation or soreness.  The cold feels more like an extended chill if you had walked outside without a jacket in the middle of a Chicago winter.  Not hard to tolerate at all.  Or perhaps facials are more your thing? The cryofacial is something that Alison raves about now.  Just be warned the cold is more intense directly on your face.  

elitewellness gym

Or if you’re concerned about aging skin and don’t like the cold, there’s always cosmetic acupuncture.  A phrase that we hadn’t heard before.  10 sessions and you can shed all the fine lines and wrinkles.  Recapture your youthful glow at Elite Wellness.  We met more than one beauty who swears by cosmetic acupuncture.  I went with a basic balancing session.  Only a few needles on my face, but I did feel more serene.  The pain is minimal if you feel any and that might have been the from my stiff ‘frozen’ muscles directly from cryotherapy.  That cold will stick with you for a good while even with only a starter session of 2 minutes.  

elitewellness facial

Isn’t that the best advertisement? Knowing that the staff loves the services and uses them regularly has me abandoning my reservations and giving holistic medicine a chance.  Sure, you might be skeptical but the spa has many services to choose from and they can all be specialized for your needs.  There’s even a specialist to help you with your golf game!  If you’re someone that moves, then there is certainly a service at Elite Wellness that can improve your quality of life.  From cosmetic to deep tissue to overall balance, they have the knowledge and facilities to keep you feeling your best.  Elite Wellness is located in Highland Park not too far from Chicago.  



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