Behind Closed Doors Review

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behind closed doors

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As you know, we are voracious readers.  We go to the library a few times a week to stock up on books.  So, the ability to preview and share with you about this new book was a must.  B.A. Paris’ first novel Behind Closed Doors was a great read.  I literally finished it one sitting. 

This thriller had all the elements to keep you gripping the pages.  Turning each one faster to learn more about the Angels.  Jack and Grace Angel seem to have the perfect life.  The kind which leads to people wondering if there is something wrong.  Of course, no one ever knows what happens behind closed doors. 

My favorite part of the novel is the strong bond between the two sisters.  Millie and Grace love each other and we get a glimpse of that close relationship.  Truly, it reminds me of the relationship between me and my sister.  Something that you wouldn’t risk for anything and no matter what you would save.  

I don’t want to spoil too much, but this is definitely a book that teases.  The first few glimpses send out red flags.  I wasn’t too surprised by all of the turns, but the ending was worth any doubts.  The ending was the kind you long for when you are torn as you will the character to do something anything.  I was extremely satisfied with the conclusion.  

You can have the chance to get a free copy of the book! Behind Closed Doors prize packs will be given away to a few lucky participants during the #BehindClosedDoors twitter party.  RSVP for your chance to win August 9th at 2PM ET.  Follow along with @StMartinsPress and @SheSpeaksUP.  Only people that RSVP will be eligible to win.  I definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a good beach read. While away your time in the sun with someone else’s secrets.  

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