Raging Waves Go For Gold

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wonambi slide

As you may know we are brand ambassadors for the largest water park in Illinois. Raging Waves located in Yorkville, south of Chicago, is a refreshing sprawl. This summer they have a new slide which is all the rage.  You may join in the quest to reach gold this summer.  

The Wonambi may be compared with the Boomerang but the ride is entirely different. The corkscrew turns really take your mind off the drop. The rush is entirely different as your motion is more vertical than horizontal. The side to side motion from the Boomerang is replaced by the speed of being pushed up and then dropping back down.  Not to mention the colors are more obvious to judge your distance.  That gold or yellow really catches your eye as you shoot out of the corkscrew. 

wonambi far

I am pleased to say I’ve achieved ‘gold’ or yellow. Younger riders might be disappointed but they might not be carrying enough weight to go all the way to the top. This is one of those slides that having four people really does improve your ride. Whereas the Boomerang always makes you feel like you are going so fast that you might pop off, the Wonambi benefits from having a more balanced tube.

The Wonambi in my opinion is a much smoother ride. If you are hesitant when it comes to the bigger slides, then I would recommend the Wonambi over the Boomerang. The Boomerang is much more water in your face, heart in your throat as you go backwards in that long drop. The Wonambi is slightly easier on the nerves because if you start going backwards you will most likely be going forwards the rest of the way. The Wonambi in that sense is an equalizer. Everyone gets a chance to be going backwards and dreading that next turn.  

Raging Waves has truly struck gold this time with the Wonambi.  The Wonambi is one of three of its kind.  The ride is surely not to be missed this summer.  I’ve been told the record is 36 consecutive rides by one enthusiastic tester.  So, I wonder if you can ride that many slides in one day let alone conquer the Wonambi!  Reach for the gold and you might just have the best day of summer at Raging Waves Waterpark!  

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