Nexo Knights Defend Legoland

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lego 4d model Legos may garner mixed reviews whether you’re waiting your turn to play with them or snapping together a new building, we can all agree that we have strong feelings for them.  The Lego universe has expanded significantly since my childhood. My favorite Lego masterpiece was a castle.  Not quite as grand as the new line of Nexo Knights, but I am always ready to fight dragons. 

lego evil book

They embark upon a quest to save their kingdom.  There is a book of creativity giving out lots of new ideas.  Of course, you might not want me to give the plot away when you can watch the Nexo Knight movie in 4D this weekend at Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg.  

lego pirate

I’ve taken the challenge and begun my own quest.  I may have been spit on by a mythical creature, but I’m certainly not going to spoil the surprise for you.  The wind and lights definitely make the movie much more real.  The children really seemed to love the entire experience.  We witnessed the invasion of Chicago.  Rode the kingdom quest ride and began a quest of our own.  There were prizes to be had and honors to be bestowed upon young knights. You can play along with the Merlok 2.0 app.  There is a lot of content in store.  Your main quest is to find shields which give you special powers.  Legoland has six

luck shield lego

exclusive shields you can’t find anywhere else.  We also had the chance to play the new computer game which got rave reviews.  We talked to the Master Builder who had a hand invading our fair city.  Along with crafting my own shield, I am thoroughly prepared to delve into the world of Nexo Knights.  There is a lot at stake to save their world.  Be one of the first to join the fight this weekend! 


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