3 Easy Tips You Can Do Yourself With Help From Roto-Rooter

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Roto-rooter ambassador I am not a plumber.   I do not go about fixing every leak or break on my own.  I don’t have the supplies for that but there are a few things I’ve done that are low hassle and low cost.  These are either temporary solutions or preventatives to avoid a larger problem down the line.  These tips will save you time and money in the long term.  

  1. Zip-ties:  I know you’ve seen them the plastic strips that when looped are impossible to remove without cutting.  These are perfect for your toilet.  Inside there are lots of thin metal pieces that interlock. Zip-ties are an easy way to reconnect any of those connections.  The loop will remain in tact.  You can tighten them as much as you like leaving enough slack to span the gap between the pieces.  This one is not a perfect fix as when you pull the handle you will feel the ‘clunky’ motion, however it is enough to last until you can find the proper part.  
  2. Sink flush: This is one of the tips I acquired the hard way.  A clog in our central line after a week of Thanksgiving prep.  Too many peels had gone down the disposal.  They hadn’t moved along so we were stuck with not using any water in case we made the situation worse.  My kitchen sink is double sided.  So in order to clear the pipe you put the plug in the disposal side and fill with cold water.  With the sink still running you turn on the disposal and pull the plug out.  Placing the plug on the other side and hold it in place until all the water has drained.  This will forcefully clear the disposal and pipe.  This can be done once a month to prevent serious clogs.  
  3. Clog removal: This of course can be done two ways.  Either the gross manual way by getting out the plastic snake and removing the debris.  Or by using the much more pleasant Roto-Rooter.  Ten minutes and you won’t even know you had a clog.  

Roto-rooter gel clog remover

These are just three tips to save you money on your plumbing.  There are a lot of problems that you can’t prevent without a thorough knowledge of plumbing.  With any Roto-Rooter product you will find the 10% discount on your package for their plumbers.  That’s always a great way to save by using your coupons.  

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