Roto-Rooter: Why I Don’t Miss My Plumber

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2015 Disclosure Roto-rooter gel clog remover

I am proud to tell you that I am now an official Roto-Rooter Ambassador.  This means you and I will get to see how well these products actually work.  Certainly they have been lab tested and compared with their competitors, however seeing the results in my pipes is amazing.  

As you probably are aware, I am a woman.  This means that I tend to have more hair and more clogs in my shower than I’d care to admit.  Even with shorter hair there is always the clog.  I am thrilled that no longer do I need to get out the snake for my drain.  A foul procedure in which you manually remove the clog.  

Roto-rooter makes this fix a cinch.  You just take your Gel Clog Remover (with 25% more active ingredients)  give it a quick shake with the lid closed and then pour a quarter of the bottle (16 0z.) down the drain with the clog.  10 minutes pass unless you think you may be hairier than Chewbacca in which case you might wait longer.  Finish it up by pouring hot water down the drain after your Roto-rooter and the process is done.  

No mess.  No stress.  No sore knees.  Ten minutes to clean pipes.  

roto-rooter gel clog closeup

Roto-rooter is formulated so it’s safe for all pipes, septic systems and garbage disposals.  So, no matter which product you are using you can be certain that you aren’t doing any harm.  Gel Clog Remover is just one of the products you can find from Roto-rooter.  

Roto-rooter makes your plumbing problems a quick fix.  50% faster than other brands, Roto-rooter tackles the toughest clog with time to spare.  That’s not all.  There are some great tips in store! Together we will have the experience of letting Roto-rooter do the hard work for us!  Next time, I won’t worry that I lost the plumber’s number again.  This time I can lose it for good. 

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