#WillowAndEverett Coffee For All

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WillowEverett Pour Over Coffee

I received this product in exchange for a view and honest review.

Most of you probably know that I am a big coffee drinker.  I mean, that I drink coffee everyday not necessarily quantity.  I want my coffee to be excellent.  I pick my beans based on what I like, but that is nothing if my brewing option means I can’t distinguish a Sumatran from a Colombian.  

Willow & Everett have given me an easier way to brew in the morning.  No electricity required.  Hot water and the pour over coffee dripper and some beans are all that I need.  The simplicity is a relief because sometimes I am not so alert without my coffee.  My espresso machine can sometimes feel like a lot of steps or extra buttons.  

WillowEverett Dripper Coffee

I get the same flavor from my beans using the pour over method.  The stainless steel is flawless.  Extremely fine so that none of my grounds will end up in my cup.  I can brew enough to share if I feel the urge.  I can also see all of the crema action from my coffee.  The wafting is amazing far more aromas are to be had when slowly pouring hot water over the dripper.  This gives me more of the coffee experience that I grew up with seeing my grandparents having their morning coffee because they had a load of grandchildren to pamper.  The nostalgia is a great boost for morning or entertaining guests. I think I’m certainly more apt to up my coffee game when helping to prepare the after dinner dessert course.  Honestly, this stainless steel lends well to a fancy dessert course.  

I love that this is eco-friendly.  No filters means no extra chemicals and more coffee.  Cleanup is just a clear and rinse away.  This is dishwasher safe, but you don’t really need to use soap.  Basically, this is no hassle and all the caffeine.  This is basically perfect for your average coffee lover that just doesn’t want to deal with anything fancy before their first cup of joe. 

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