Lucille An American Classic

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Lucille Setting

Lucille is truly a great restaurant.  From a quick snack to afternoon tea to a luxurious dinner, Lucille can accommodate all of your needs.  We have generally had a pre-show snack there.  However, we were lucky enough to have a splendid meal before seeing Bye Bye Birdie which we highly recommend.  

Lucille Chop Salad

Lucille has a large range.  The menu is a la carte so you can go for a filling dinner to a shared snack with cocktails.  They have a two course theatre menu so you can eat while being on schedule for the rise of the curtain.  We went for dinner and we had a delectable selection of salads, entrees and desserts.  

Lucille Roasted Pear Salad

One of us enjoying the chopped salad while the other loved the roasted pear salad.  The chopped salad truly tastes like you are eating your garden.  The flavors are fresh and crisp while the roasted pear salad is more subtle.  With hints umami and sweetness with luscious greens and candied walnuts.  

Porterhouse Porkchop

Having to decide between the entree was difficult.  We spent a large amount of time because everything looks great.  In the end, one of us had the 16 ounce porterhouse pork chop.  I’m not certain I can relay the excitement over their being a porterhouse pork chop.  Cooked perfectly and while I was hesitant it would be finished after that taste I understood how you could eat the entire thing.  While I chose the seared jumbo sea scallops.  They were just right.  Paired with a bed of melted leeks and bacon sauce.  We weren’t entirely certain melted vegetables could be done but it was amazing.  I believe my scallops may have amounted to that 16 oz porterhouse as they were generously sized. 

Sea Scallops

The truffle macaroni and cheese was aromatic and gooey.  We had a hard time actually sharing it because it was that good.  We finished it not leaving behind any of the cheesy goodness.  We were glad we went with the side rather than the oysters rockefeller.  Both were equally tempting, but my love of truffles won.  

Truffle Mac N Cheese

To our great delight, our meal was finished with coffee and dessert.  We needed the coffee because we generally do not eat such fancy meals before theatre.  They even had cappuccinos along with regular coffees and lattes.  Paired with selections from their display and you can say we really had three courses.  They even had fresh berries and perfectly whipped cream. We chose the caramel apple pie which had a pate brisee crust.  This means that it was thicker and firmer.  While I opted for the chocolate cake, I can never pass up chocolate cake.  This one just proved their excellence yet again.  Fluffy and moist with layers topped with a fudgy frosting.  

Chocolate Cake And Cappuccino

Overall this reminds me of my childhood.  The fancy birthday meals we’d have. Everything paired well together.  We already knew they had great cocktails and now we know those cocktails pair with more than just a pre-show snack.  I definitely recommend Lucille to anyone looking for a great American restaurant.  Classic dishes that have been updated and perfected.  So the entire family can enjoy their dinner.  There is something for everyone on the menu.  

Lucille Pastry Selection


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