Zeso Lens: Become A Smartphone Pro

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Zeso Lens Clip

As a food blogger, I’ve been known to lug around my DSLR.  I even have an extra large purse just for toting my camera.  So, when I heard about a portable solution, I was ready to try it!  I was lucky enough to be sent this awesome little lens kit.  The Zeso lens kit I have contains 3 lenses with a specialized clip.  Easy to attach to your smartphone over your existing camera lens, these lenses provide the range you’re missing with your smartphone camera.  

You have the fisheye which means you can take a photo with a great effect.  As if you were in a fishbowl which means less time editing.  Your snaps will stand out from the rest.  Technically, the fisheye is also a wide angle.  

The 15X macro lens lets you get really close to the smallest objects.  You could capture water droplets or snowflakes. Good for our food photography when we want to show off a certain part of a dish.  

The 0.63X wide angle lens allows you to take bigger scale.  You can highlight the architecture around you.  Which will be great for when I’m downtown in Chicago and want to show off the city.  There are so many great details which go unnoticed because they’re not on street level. 

Overall, Zeso has made quality lenses out of aluminum and optical glass which mean your smartphone can be just as great as my DSLR.  The range of my photos has grown.  There is a bit of a learning curve as you have to take into consideration the different field of view.  You have to be more aware of your spacing and your subject.

Zeso Lens Macro Action

I do think the clip is easy to use.  You just screw in your lens of choice and place it over your camera lens and you’re ready to go.  I do think taking off your phone case will help you line up the lens.  However, it isn’t entirely necessary, but the lens won’t be flush and the clip can be unsteady if you’re moving around a lot.  

The lenses and protective case are waterproof.  The case is great because I don’t have to worry about them getting smashed under any of my other blogging gear.  There is a pouch if you’d rather just take one or have them take up less space.  The fish eye is separate while the other two lenses are stored together.  This isn’t really a hassle but you do have to check which one you’re using.  

Overall, I definitely think that if you want close ups or wide angles this is a great choice.  You can easily learn more about wide angles and macro using your smartphone.  The fisheye is lots of fun to use.  There’s nothing like creating your own world.  This will definitely make hero shots much easier outside of my usual at home setup.  I certainly am looking forward to leaving my DSLR behind more often.  You can find the Zeso 3 in 1 lens kit on Amazon.  They do come in a range of colors. I’m currently sporting a cool blue set.   

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