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Jord Cora Watch Closeup

Watches are making a comeback.  JORD makes gorgeous wooden watches. They are elegant and beautifully crafted. JORD has made watches warm again.  The watch is wearable for everyday and yet it fits any occasion. Available for men and women, these sleek yet warm designs will suit any wrist. 

We fell in love with them the moment we saw the JORD website. We’d given up on our other watches, yet this one begs to be worn. To be shown off as a statement piece.  Much like the watches I’ve seen passed down through my family, this watch is a feast for the eyes.  With a pop of my favorite color and I feel revitalized just checking the time.

Jord Cora Watch Pose

This Cora watch is Zebrawood inlaid with a turquoise face.  The warmth of the zebrawood contrasts nicely with the boldness of the turquoise.  The accents of the watch face highlight the tones of the zebrawood stripes.  

My favorite pairing is with a handmade gray tulle skirt with a turquoise sweater.  I love that the watch is perfectly sized for me.  I feel like this is the natural evolution of the wrist watch.  Leather or metal are fine, but I love that the band is wood.  As a result the watch never feels clunky or uncomfortable.  

Jord Cora Zebrawood Outfit

The mixture of organic and inorganic materials grants the watch endless versatility.  I could wear it everywhere as it fits into my daily lifestyle.  I like checking the time without my habit of pulling out another device.  I want to use the skills I honed learning to tell time by the hands.  A digital watch is not nearly as elegant.  With the Cora you get a glimpse of the mechanisms through the face.  Sadly, not as many people will get to see the underside which showcases the gears.  Clearly this watch was crafted with more than just hands as every element speaks for itself.  They all blend together to form a beautiful wooden watch which I will wear even when I don’t need to tell the time. 

Womens Wooden Watches

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