Inspiring Women Driving Excellence

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This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

We recently had the chance to spend an entire day with Women Driving Excellence.  The day was filled with women leaders from all over the Chicago area.  They covered a large range of businesses from the tech industry to law to fashion.  With Beth Rosen and MJ Tam hosting, the day was going to be guaranteed.  

The day started off with a highlight on networking. We learned about a few organizations including the Women With Drive Foundation.  Knowing that one of the best ways to help each other is by giving back was heart warming.  Beyond being involved in great organizations like the Women With Drive Foundation, one of the best ways to network is by offering what you can.  Not everyone has the means to give a car, but we can listen and offer a solution.   

Nissan Titan XD The same way that Nissan has listened and provided so many ways to customize their Titan trucks.  They’re trucks have so many options and ways to use them.  Whether you’re camping in the bed or easily organizing your tools with dividers that slide or just playing hard and driving home with water-resistant seats, there is a way that the Titan will be right for you.  There are so many options that I can’t even remember them all.  The Titan is more than just a truck as it fits into your lifestyle.  The fact that Nissan has provided so many versatile ways to use the Titan from the cabin to the bed means that they truly care about their customers.  Something that is essential to business.  They are a prime example of being authentic and providing value.  

WDE16 Dominique Turner

I was most inspired by Dominique Jordan Turner.  She was just one of the honorees for Women Driving Excellence 2016.  She is the President and CEO of Chicago Scholars.  An organization that is focused on providing opportunities to the youth of Chicago.  She had similar struggles to myself during school.  Yet she was not going to give up even though it was extremely hard managing her multiple jobs and college.  She finished even when people told her to quit.  Not only did she finish, but now she helps students just like her to do the same.  She provides more ways for them to say yes because in her book there are no ‘nos’.  She is truly inspiring by giving people the tools to helps themselves.  Giving students a chance to educate themselves and change their own communities.  

Dominique isn’t just doing great work, but the way she does it also resonates with me.  She believes in surging forward.  Even when you doubt you must have faith in yourself.  Sometimes the right situations come along and even though there are doubters, you know that the opportunity is right for you.  I feel this same way as people have doubted our blogging to be a real job.  The reality can be scary not having a traditional company to provide you with structure.  Yet, without the passion for what we do, we certainly wouldn’t have been able to make the transition to have our own business.

WDE16 Leading Women in Tech

The three women of technical excellence touched upon the need to be authentic once again.  Social media is always on and it can be extremely beneficial, yet if you don’t use it properly it can have consequences.  Being authentic is one way to create good and positive contacts with customers.  They also shared a few of their favorite apps.  One of which I’m interested to test out which is Luxe Valet.  A valet service that will save you having to park your car in the city ever again.  This could change my entire Chicago experience.  In case you didn’t know, I am a transplant. I still don’t have the knowledge of knowing the places I should or shouldn’t park.  Plus we all know valets are wonderful especially in winter which can last through April or even May sometimes.

WDE16 ChicagonistaLIVE

Although with Beth Rosen’s tip to bring extra socks to wear over your fancy shoes, I’m not certain I’d fear snow all the time.  ChicagonistaLIVE was excellent as always. They discussed car hacks and Jewel-Osco, one of the sponsors for Women Driving Excellence, including Nissan and the Chicago Tribune spreading the word.  We do love our revamped Jewel-Osco. The produce section has never been better.  The atmosphere is great and they have even more baked goods and fresh juices.  

WDE16 GPS PitchEngine

The GPS Pitch Engine gave as an insight into how to sell ourselves.  Watching women present their inventions, we learned how to presentation matters.  Almost as much as the products themselves, because you are your business.  Even if we like your product, we have to also believe in you.  Overall, Women Driving Excellence reminded us all that no matter what you are important.  So you have to take care of yourself even while you’re pursuing your goals in business! 


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