Seven VS The Invasion #MyPetIsMyHero

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While you’ve probably seen why Seven is quite the cat.  You may not have heard of his many great deeds.  Like most kitten youths he bumbled many a time.  Yet when it really mattered he proved his worth to be head cat.  For you see Seven was not always a hero.  He too was once small, yes he really was.  

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Presents

Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food is more than just natural pet food.  They know how much your pet means to you which is why they’ve created a super premium pet food.  Wholesome and balanced pet food for your favorite hero.  We’ve taken a page out of their book: Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can’t Believe my Cat Did That! and crafted our own tale of why Seven is our hero.  You could get your story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul book!

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Back to Seven’s story, during a balmy day in the great Northwest, Seven patrolled the border.  His backyard resembling a young forest.  The wild blackberry bushes heavy with ripe fruit.  He darts after any human silly enough to approach.  Taking great care to divest the bush of scampering critters, he protects the humans.  

One of those fateful days he had yet to vanquish the vermin.  When a boy appeared, and to his slight dismay did not eat his offering given up freely.  Instead the youth proceeded to store this wild creature on the back porch in a small mouse castle.  Complete with interlocking lid so as to prevent him from finishing the deed.  The small squeaks haunted him from behind the plastic.  Not only was his prey still alive it was fed and watered.  

Hours passed as he bore witness to the travesty of justice.  The criminal treated like a foreign dignitary.  His attempts to right this horrible wrong were thwarted time and again by the protective plastic palace.  His mind whirled as he pondered how he could prevail.  

Seven My Hero Chicken Soul


Many hours later the enemy was found vanquished.  The body laid out as a warning to others.  Yet to his great shock, the discovery was met with a baffling response.  The next day another villain had taken up residence in that same plastic palace.  The boy seemed pleased with this outcome.  Ever vigilant Seven once again pushed the plastic palace off the porch. The doors crashed open releasing the figure within as he dashed forth.  He had won against evil once again.  With such cunning Seven had defeated the great mouse invasion.  Sadly, he did not prevent the fish from invading.  You can’t win every battle. 

When you love your pet every moment matters.  Proudly made in the USA, Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food is great for either cats or dogs.  Seven is thrilled to find a food so laden with protein and high in fiber.  Something he needs as a semi-retired hero.  Real meat is the first ingredient followed by fruits vegetables and herbs.  

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