Four Seasons of Staycation!

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Four Seasons Master We recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons in Chicago. Let me tell you that opulence is the right word. We were there to participate in ChicagonistaLIVE while also enjoying high tea.

Four Seasons High Tea

High tea is quite the afternoon. You get to eat dainty pastries and snacks all while being served by a dedicated staff. I’m not certain which was more popular the tea or the treats. The Four Seasons has certainly created a memorable experience for their guests. The high tea allows you to relax and take in the moment.

Four Seasons Pres View

The view was awesome. Literally, we were in awe of how perfectly the lake appeared behind us. Almost as if we were near the shore and with the large buildings around. A view which you get from all the rooms. Want to work out in the private gym? Well, you’ll have to put up with that view that makes you feel as if you’ve conquer the city below.

Four Seasons Pres Gym

That’s right you have your own gym. Well equipped and with a separate bathroom. No need to keep your workout clothes near the rest of your wardrobe. The main bathroom is stunning with excellent light and a glass shower.

The colors are tasteful and do not detract from the view in any way. You truly feel as if you are in the middle of Chicago and yet paradise at the same time. All while the sitting room has enough space for you and twenty of your closest friends. We tested it out for you! A dining room that makes you wonder how much more spectacular the restaurant must be.

Four Seasons Bathroom

All this plus the level of service that makes you never want to leave. In the past, the staff have even temporarily remodeled the floor by adding in a wall! No need to see any of the other guests while you are there. Especially as the elevators lie in wait for you to approach. They are waiting to whisk you away. With a staff that will treat you as family by learning all about your family, it is a wonder that you’d ever want to stay anywhere else. There is no better way to treat yourself than to a staycation. So even if you are staying for an afternoon or forever (we can all dream) you can always count on the Four Seasons to give you an experience you’ll never forget!

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