Wild Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo

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Recently we were asked if we wanted to try Wild Coffee’s Sidamo Medium roast coffee beans.  Being a huge fan of Ethiopian coffees in general I pretty much jumped at the chance.  As I’m sure you know, here at Rosie Discovers we’re pretty big coffee fans.  Our coffee tastes run the gamut from espresso shots to cold brew to espresso syrup chilling in the fridge.  Not only that, we’ve got a glut of coffee apparatus too.

Wild Coffee Sidamo It’s hard for us to choose how we’d like our coffee first thing in the morning, cause let’s face it…some of us aren’t morning people over here.  However, having a great bean like Wild Coffee’s Sidamo, makes choosing what goes in that apparatus a lot easier.  Though the first big selling point is the whole bean.  There is more than just that in terms of flavor.

I can happily say that I’m pretty thrilled with these coffee beans as like most Ethiopian beans they’ve got that berry taste to them.  This roast to me tastes more like raspberries than the blueberries Wild Coffee lists in their taste notes, but it’s delightful regardless.  Another thing to note about the Sidamo is that it’s a medium roast, which I prefer as roasting coffee beans is just like baking.  You want them roasted to bring out all the flavors without burning them.    

As you probably saw on instagram a few days ago, we’ve tried this as a french press, brewed K-cup and as espresso shots.  All were pretty darn good, but nothing beats the french press.  It had the best flavor out of the bunch, but I’d imagine that cold brewed coffee would really bring out the berry flavor notes in this coffee.  Some of us for unknown reasons dislike that blueberry taste so finally there is no argument over Ethiopian beans as the Sidamo has just the right mixture.  No more complaints and I’ve got an easier morning in store because nothing is worse than a grumpy partly awake sister.  Thanks to Wild Coffee and Wild Foods I’ve got one more guarantee for an excellent morning no matter how I choose to brew my cup of Sidamo.

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