Connect With Flavor At Countyline Tavern

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Countyline Tavern Dogpatch Yeti

We like great food, but we also like great food without too much of a crowd that you have to wait just to get in the door.  So, we were thrilled to find Countyline Tavern not only has the eats nearby in Buffalo Grove (on the countyline between Cook and Lake counties) but the space you crave.  We live close to downtown Arlington Heights which is a hopping place on the weekends.  You may have trouble finding a table for dinner or funnily enough may not be able to find a spot at the bar while waiting for that table.  I’ve had to wait at a bar at another restaurant because that was the only spot I could wait for my reservation down the block.  There is great food to be had, but luckily there is a newly finished restaurant to fulfill your desires.  

Countyline Tavern Tiki

Countyline Tavern is more than you’d expect.  The word ‘tavern’ makes you think of a damp yet warm bustling room with maybe a few pirates and adventuring heroes.  This may or may not be the case at Countyline Tavern, however what it does have is ample room with comfortable seating.  Even a fire pit outside which is perfect in the fall weather when you want to soak up the last few bits of warmth.  While great chairs are a big advantage, that doesn’t top the selections you are about to consume.  

Countyline Tavern Spirits

While the food is superb half of the appeal is the bar.  They’ve a fabulously stocked bar with all sorts of drafts, spirits and signature cocktails.  They have a website which is always updated to their current selections which is, don’t let the name fool you though they’ve also got wine on tap.  They of course have rotating drafts but also staples.  Susie was all for the Obsidian Nitro Stout with hints of espresso and chocolate whilst I found myself unable to top the Dogpatch Sour with a tartness handed down upon the souls of Rainier cherries.

Countyline Tavern Ducktrap Smoked Pastrami Salmon

Don’t let the swashbuckling pirates fool you, this isn’t some greasy spoon.  You will find variety and wholesome choices.  From house-made pâtés to delicate desserts you will find them all here at Countyline Tavern.  Everything was delicious and there was a wide range which is great for us because we’ve vastly different palates.  Susie could not rave over the Ducktrap Smoked Pastrami Salmon more while I had my eyes upon the Chicken Yakatori.  

Countyline Tavern Minibrat

There’s pork rinds and hand cranked mini-brats to pork belly sliders.  Yet there are some dishes you have to try out for yourself like the Best Damn Grilled Cheese Ever and Cheesy Devils on Horseback.  You just can’t take our word for it because well I’ve already told you our favorites.  Mostly, I can’t leave out the Kentucky Bourbon Budino which seems to be everyone’s favorite.  

Countyline Tavern Budino

I definitely cannot tell you how many we ate because I don’t really want you being there and eating them all.  Perhaps we can work out a schedule, I’ll be there one day and you can have the next one?  That seems fair right?  Sharing is hard though so I might have to rethink this plan.  It’s not as if I can even tell whether you’re still reading this or you’ve already snuck out the door and are on your way to Countyline Tavern.  I suppose this can only be good for us all as long as Countyline Tavern is here to stay for many more years.  

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