Tap Into Bacon Fest At Tap House Grill

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Braised Brussel Sprouts So as most of our readers probably know, we are big fans of bacon.  We even cook with bacon fat.  Of course, something like Bacon Fest is right up our alley.  Yes please.  Luckily for us, and you, we got a sneak peek of what is in store!

Bacon Fest is September 5th which is International Bacon Day.  Tap House Grill has the great idea to go all out with bacon goodness in store.  They have a number of bacon dishes which you can try.  We loved everything honestly.  Even Alison who has a tendency to avoid brussel sprouts raved over the Applewood-Smoked Bacon Sprouts.  Braised with a soy-brown sugar glaze and served with toast points they are a good way to enjoy some bacon.

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots That’s not forgetting the Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots.  They’re paired with a marmalade and pesto ranch for dipping.  Honestly, if you followed our feed you’d think tater tots come with every menu item, but we just really really like tater tots.  It’s hard not to when they’re wrapped in bacon.

3 Little Piggy Burgers There’s much more to be had in the Ultimate BLT Salad, 3 Little Piggy Burgers, and Bacon Baby Back Pork Ribs.  However, by far our favorite and I think everyone else’s was the THG Stout ‘N’ Bacon Brownies.  Bacon and a brownie you know that’s a great pairing add in some homemade fudge and walnuts and the bacon is candied.  There’s nothing left but for you to try it yourself at Bacon Fest this Saturday.  You won’t regret it by far.   If you don’t already know, chocolate pairs well with darker beers. They have similar flavors and it is amazing.

THG Stout N Bacon Brownies That’s not to say Tap House Grill only has bacon to offer.  They have a lot more but the best part of Tap House Grill are their 40 varieties of beer and cider.  Their staff is more than capable to help recommend you something on tap because they do carry some unique and hard to find brews.  One of our favorites Dragons Milk from New Holland Brewing is on tap.  Quite a find and we heartily recommend that to pair with the THG Stout ‘N’ Bacon Brownies.  Their offerings do change but you’d probably have a hard time not finding some new favorite brews.

The best part is that Tap House Grill is local in Palatine.  They have a great atmosphere and great food.  Located near the train station and the farmer’s market, it’s hard to miss.  So even if you can’t make it to Bacon Fest, you should stop on by Tap House Grill.  A place that is quickly becoming a new favorite restaurant.

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