Rumiano Cheeses Please

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Rumiano Monterey Jack Fan
We’re always out to try new products.  Some of them mostly new just to us because Rumiano has been making cheese since the early 1900s.  They’re based in Northern California just a quick drive to Oregon.  We love that they are steeped in family tradition.  With a product that is not just good but good for you.  Rumiano was kind enough to send us free product coupons to pick up some of their cheese.

Rumiano Family Organic Cheese has been proven to hold greater amounts of Omega-3s and CLAs (conjugated linoleic acids).  Basically, these are good for your heart and cardiovascular system.  Why not indulge in cheese which is helping your body?  There’s no worry as it’s organic.  All natural cheese that is naturally good for you.  Not to mention that it’s a family business.  Really as if the cheese needed to be more wholesome you’ve got four generations of cheesemakers crafting these fine bricks.

They make a variety of flavors including the Monterey Jack that we picked up at our local Whole Foods. Be warned though, for some odd reason the stores only carried one flavor.  So, you may be finding yourself wondering why they carry just the one over the other.  We did find Jalapeño as well, but when trying a new cheese we like to take baby steps.

The Monterey Jack is quite delightful.  Great in a grilled cheese sandwich which I have to admit we eat more of than you might expect.  Knowing that the cheese comes from grass fed and pasture raised cows adds to the benefits.  We know that happy cows are making our tasty cheeses.

Be sure to check out Rumiano’s 4th Annual Big Cheese Sweepstakes.  They will be giving away a year’s supply of Rumiano Family Organic Cheese!  How can you top that?  With a few slices of cheese of course, I mean you have to start eating that abundance of cheese.

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