Hunting For #InstinctRaw

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Seven Loves Instinct Raw

This post is sponsored by Instinct® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Instinct Raw but Rosie Discovers only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Instinct is not responsible for the content of this article.

Seven is a mighty hunter.  At least he thinks so.  He’s not quite as active as he used to be a few years ago.  So, we were excited to try Instinct Raw®.  He definitely likes raw to some degree.  He definitely had a liking for birds, you may cringe knowing he only liked the pretty birds, but he likes poultry.

Instinct Raw Freezer

We took him to our local PetSmart in Mt. Prospect to pick up some Instinct Raw.  We had a special freezer bag to keep it safe for him to eat.  He came along naturally.  We were slightly hesitant because he doesn’t go places.  He is a bit like a dog being 25 pounds, but he usually only goes to the vet.  Seeing that we use Banfield, he was more agitated thinking he was going to get shots or the ever dreaded pills.

Seven Meets Rabbit

Luckily, we got right inside the doors and he was loved all over.  He attracted all the cat lovers.  Everyone petted him and told him how good looking he was.   He came in thinking to escape, but left a relaxed puddle of goo.  Spread out in the seat of our cart allowing anyone to pet him.  He certainly wouldn’t mind going back to PetSmart which is great because he will hopefully be calmer the next time we head to his vet.

Instinct Raw Bags

The Instinct Raw does come in a few protein varieties.  We picked out chicken and rabbit for him.  They were the only ones available in our area.  You may have varying degrees of availability depending on the size and location of yours.  Instinct Raw is even available in Canada.  The freezer case was easy to find.  It was in the dog section because mostly it holds Instinct Raw for dogs.  They do come in bigger bags because dogs will clearly eat more than our cat.

Instinct Raw Forage

To our relief, he did like the chicken and rabbit.  He only likes them warm.  Not fully cooked, but more than just defrosted.  The pieces don’t start to have an aroma until they are warmed through which makes him realize that they are meat not just weird ice cubes. He does not like ice cubes.  As our zombie cat, who prefers to eat brains and leave the rest we weren’t certain he’d eat the raw.  He did, although he prefers it mushed up rather than in the pieces.  This is something to keep in mind if you don’t feed your cat anything but dry food or canned wet food.  They might prefer a similar consistency to what they know.

Seven Instinct Raw

Seven took a little bit of convincing.  We had to swap his regular dry kibble with his dish of Instinct Raw to get him to taste it. He is awfully fickle, but when he’s hungry he’s more willing to try new foods.  He does basically lick the bowl clean.  Another plus considering he can be a messy and picky eater.  We have noticed some improvements already.  He is more alert with the Instinct Raw in his diet.  He seems more active and like he would hunt.  Which he can’t do in his current yard.   So, we will be more than happy to give him an alternative to hunting.  Which has the upside of not requiring the unsavory trips to the vet because he picked up a parasite.  Instinct Raw certainly got a whole lot better with no more presents from our furry friend!

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