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2015 Disclosure RST_9776 For those of you who haven’t seen a Blue Man show, you are the luckier ones.  Why do I say this?

You get to experience this all with fresh eyes.  For those of us that have seen the show more than once, because let’s face the truth you will bring lots of people to experience the show, we know what is about to happen.  However, we get to share in their wonder as they take in the show getting to relive their surprise at some tricks we’ve seen but still love.  You will laugh and dance and marvel at the dexterity and rhythm.  Any visitors that are looking for a good night out, this is the place to be.  The best part besides seeing the show again is getting to see the joy on your friends’ faces.

Blue Man Group is one of our favorite shows.  The content is entirely approachable to any person.  Sure, there are words used, but the majority of the act is without words.  Anyone can enjoy the marshmallow throwing and while I counted 24 during our most recent show our talk with a few cast members revealed they throw until the other guy is uncomfortable.  We learned that while they aren’t talking with their voices they are very much in constant communication with the band and each other. A great idea to discuss because there is a lot we could communicate with our bodies.  We often underestimate our own body language.

Blue Man Group National Tour Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik nyc 212-362-7778

Blue Man Group National Tour
Credit photo: ©Paul Kolnik
nyc 212-362-7778

The Blue Man is a unique character.  Innocent while remaining clever and with a childlike wonder.  We learned that most of the show are skills they learn.  The Blue Man can do all parts of the act and will rotate their roles.  The hard part is finding a Blue Man.  Anyone can learn to catch 24 marshmallows in their mouth but not everyone can make you laugh without words.

The band members are equally as talented picking up cues while the audience is captivated by the performance. There is no written score which is hard to believe for most of us.  The music is phenomenal and we highly recommend any of it especially the bathroom song because there’s no better way to washing your hands than enjoying music at the same time.

The Blue Man Group gives back to their community.  With special performances including an Autism show, which is a modified version to allow all children to enjoy the Blue Man Group.  Working with Autism Speaks, October 4th at 4 pm the performance will be altered to provide comfort and a more calm environment.  Noise reduced during certain portions of the show and noise isolating headphones are provided including quiet spaces for anyone who needs a sensory break.  The Autism performance was a huge success last year in Chicago that they have decided to do this throughout the country.  They’ve already raised $12,000 and hope to raise more for Autism Speaks this year. $5 from every $49 ticket is donated to Autism Speaks.

There is nothing better than art for all of the people.  We hope you will get to enjoy the Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theatre in Chicago. There are many shows to come this season with extra shows around the holidays so you can entertain all your family and friends.  Why not bring the whole family to laugh and dance together?

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