Two Can Equal Three With Revolución For Dinner

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2015 Disclosure

Revolucion Steakhouse Two Brothers and Revolución Steakhouse are probably names you are familiar with at least if you’re following our social media.  We tend to share a lot, but we had to write about this three course meal.  All paired with a Two Brothers beer.  Sounds phenomenal right? It is.  Especially all for $44, you might have missed this one but don’t be heartbroken they have more pairing dinners to come.

El Ponche So, we love local breweries and of course Two Brothers is on our list of beers we love.  So, it’s not a surprise that we were expecting lots of good from the moment we stepped into Revolución.  The atmosphere is fitting for summer.  Revolución Steakhouse does have an outdoor eating area but sadly the cold snuck in and we had to admire the cloudy ceiling instead.  Which did have glowing stars and moons though so it wasn’t a hardship.

First Course Revolucion Anyhow onto the dinner.  First course was Baja Fish Tacos with Sidekick Extra Pale.  Brilliant you have a clean finish from the Sidekick that leaves you craving more fish taco.  The crunch was great from the red cabbage and there was a hint of heat from the chipotle mayo and pico de gallo.  Beer-battered but with the Sidekick we didn’t feel it was too much.

Second Course Revolucion The second course was Pollo Borracho (Drunken Chicken) and Domaine Dupage.  I was quite excited about this as Domaine DuPage is one of my favorite beers.  The heat was a tad much for me personally but I am weak when it comes to Mexican spice, but with the Domaine DuPage I managed to get through the salsa and banana peppers.  Without the Domaine DuPage I would have failed but each sip gave me the ability to have more chicken.  Overall I’d call it another successful pairing.

Third Course Revolucion The third course was dessert.  Bolita de Cervez and Ebel’s Weiss were an expected finish.  The heat from the previous course was banished entirely with the sweet and nostalgic flavor.  We could taste a hint of bubblegum and banana.  All with the candy sweetness when paired with the Ebel’s Weiss.  It was reminding all of us of eating candy during our youth.  The thoughts of baseball and candy stores whirling around were enough to make us love the combination of orange and banana sorbet.  The hint of vanilla was nice but mostly the pairing was flawless.  Each surprising us as we feasted on memories.

All in all Revolución is a restaurant that would definitely fit in Arlington Heights.  The attention to detail in pairing each Two Brothers beer with their respective courses was spot on.  If we lived in Lakeview, I can safely say we’d be there waaay too often.  If you’re in the area, definitely make plans to stop by and have a meal.  Or stalk the website to learn about their next pairing meal….you might even see us there!

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