Raging Waves During Rainy Days

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2015 Disclosure Raging Waves Great Barrier Reef This is just the beginning. No I mean it. We will be going back to Raging Waves at some point during this summer. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Some a tad surprised when I thanked them, but I chalk that up to eager kids and adults who are keen to go down the next slide. They do an excellent job keeping us safe and we even witnessed them rescuing a baby duck from the lazy river. So, you know that they’re our kind of people. We have a soft spot for ducks.

I don’t know if we were lucky or not. Half of us were excited that the drizzle meant smaller lines, and the other half were disappointed at the lack of tanning. Whether you are keen for the fast slides or taking a turn around the lazy river you will like Raging Waves. There are wet and dry attractions and even slides for the youngest of your group.

Raging Waves Sand

Although, you might prefer it on a sunnier day, but we had a great time. There were limitless rides to be had and we got to try all the slides. The family slides were more fun though seeing everyone enjoy the Crocodile Mile or the purple slide. Personally, I liked the Platypus Plunge and the Three Sisters.

I did get to ride everything. Even the Boomerang, but that is a tale I will save for later. You should know that while you may feel jaw dropping levels of amazement and possibly some healthy doses of hesitation that there have been no injuries at Raging Waves. All their slides are safe. They have lots of lifeguards on hand. They might be the lucky ones getting breaks where they can ride the slides as well. So, even if you aren’t the strongest swimmer you have nothing to fear besides maybe a sunburn. I understand as I have the same problem having too much fun and forgetting to reapply. This time was perfect though so I recommend the not so perfect days if you really want to experience all the fun they have to offer!

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