Life Without Rosie Dickens

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Things haven’t been the same around here the past 2 months. If you follow us on social media you already know why. I’m actually crying as I write this….and I’m not ready to even write the whole story. Just this little note. The past 3 weeks tomorrow…every little thing makes me cry. I never know what’s going to make it start, but I cry every single day.

Miss Rosie is no longer with us and it hurts soo much. Early every morning I still think I hear her telling me its time to get up and go outside. And every morning I wake up and she’s just not there.

Hopefully soon I can write more about her, but for right now that’s why we’ve been absent. Taking care of a beloved pet during the last few months of her life is something we felt had priority over everything else. So while I’ve baked and cooked these past few months and occasionally taken some photos…that’s it.

We hope you understand and bear with us as things hopefully attain a more even keel.

Alison and Susie

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