Twice the Morning with FlexBrew 2

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2015 Disclosure Hamilton Beach FlexBrew2 I’d be astounded if you didn’t know that we are coffee people.  Even our dog is a coffee person.  No she doesn’t get coffee which is poison for her, but she certainly tries her best to steal disposable coffee cups.  She’d steal them even faster than she’d steal butter boxes.  Sadly she has not learned to brew us any coffee, so we have to get a machine instead.

So, you can imagine that our morning routine is coffee.  While I do love being able to craft a perfect drink, sometimes I just want to roll out of bed to find a pot of coffee waiting for me.  One that I don’t have to think about or do math to see if I really did put in three scoops or was it four?  Sure, I love to be able to fine tune everything, but I also love being able to set my coffee in advance.  No hassle just pour and enjoy.  The bonus with Hamilton Beach’s FlexBrew 2 was the aroma.  I haven’t gotten that waft for a long time.   So, along with my morning coffee I got a happy memory of my grandfather about to make pancakes with his pot of coffee.  Nostalgia really is the best way to wake up.

Hamilton FlexBrew2 Unboxed Then again, it’s not always easier to pour into a mug.  So, why not directly brew your preferred cup size?  Yes, that’s what this 2 represents.  There are two options your traditional pot which holds 12 cups or up to 14 ounces for your personal mug.  Which also splits the divide between the traditional ground coffee with filter or a ready to go cup with all the flavors you crave.  Either way you have more than enough java to get you going.  Luckily, the machine has an option to place a travel sized mug underneath the individual brew station.  You can have just one normal cup or even up to a double serving.

While I know not everyone can drink 12 cups of coffee on their own, it’s perfect for family gatherings.  We always seem to want coffee with our dessert.  We’ve been there longer than we planned and we certainly need an extra dose of caffeine for the road.  There is a pause and serve so you can grab a cup without having to wait for all 12 cups to finish.  Of course, you can always go bold which for us wasn’t our preferred setting, but everyone has their own coffee preferences.  With the FlexBrew 2 you can have your coffee and drink it too without having to worry about anyone else missing out.

Hamilton FlexBrew2 Pod Setup One of my favorite indulgent things to do with the FlexBrew 2 is take 2 teaspoons of white chocolate chips, grind them up in my coffee grinder to a fine powder, place them in the reusable single coffee cup pod, add 2 tablespoons ground coffee and brew.  The reason I love this is I can have either a white mocha or a regular mocha without all the work.  The FlexBrew 2 does it all for me when brewing!  Having managed a coffee shop, I sometimes am craving a mocha but am too lazy to power up my espresso machine to make one.  This is an easy peasy alternative.  The chocolate melts right into your cup with the brewing coffee.

Hamilton FlexBrew2 Coffee White Chocolate Now onto the exciting part!! Hamilton Beach is letting me give a #FlexBrew 2 away to one of my readers!  Contest is open to Rosie Discovers readers ages 18+ in 50 United States and D.C.  Hamilton Beach is unable to ship to a P.O. Box.  To enter use the rafflecopter form below.  GOOD LUCK!!

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