Instinct Raw Boost For Your Carnivore

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2015 Disclosure Seven Instinct rawboost chicken All of us cat owners know the pickiness.  The scrunched up kitty face that says ‘don’t you even think about it’.  The cat that won’t try that new food because it’s not the same.  However, there are some temptations that can lure your carnivore out from their grumpy place.  Seven chooses to lodge himself underneath the couch, (it’s about six inches tall under there, but he slinks under) and plasters himself to the wall.  Taunting you from afar as you try to get him to do anything.

Instinct rawboost chicken minis So, it came as no surprise as we wanted to photograph him with his new Nature’s Variety: Instinct raw boost minis chicken formula and he was pre-emptively hiding.  That is a mouthful but you know we shortened it to ‘kitty treat’.  It made him stick his squished face out for viewing, but there were many cross faces.  However, when we had sat him in decent lighting and placed the box in front of his chubby cheeks he couldn’t keep himself off of it.  Sure call it an Instinct to mark it with his scent, but we know he doesn’t mark just anything with his fat face.

Seven eating Instinct When we offered him a few pieces he quickly gobbled them up.  Leaving no witnesses to his snacking massacre, which is slightly surprising because he’s generally a messy eater.  Yet, there was not a trace of these freeze dried raw treats left on his perch.  He even agreed to posing which is only to be expected when he’s stranded way up high and has no choice but to suck it up.  There were no heavy sighs or protests.  Just a happy cat that even let out a chuffle or two over a box of treats that he is sure to keep his ever staring eyes upon.

Seven nosing Instinct rawboost The best part is that these are all natural.  There’s no grains and even though they’re laced with fruit and vegetables, he doesn’t seem to notice.  Especially as there are pumpkin seeds and he has made it quite apparent he will have nothing to do with pumpkin.  Knowing that he loves a healthy snack makes it easier to let him continue in his prosperity.  After all he does have an image to maintain and his ab is not going to tone itself, but he might just slim down for more playtime.  We all know that cats are best left not suspecting a thing because otherwise they’ll be hiding under the couch rather than practicing their ninja skills for the battle that is to come after the big thaw.

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