First World Problems: Sleep Deprived

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Rosie Dickens Easter 2015 1 There has not been much content posted lately.  We’ve been managing the care of our spry dog.  Her cancer is obvious to anyone that gets a clear look at her, but she insists that nothing is wrong with her.  Trying to convince her to take more naps is a never ending battle.  She wants to take the same mile long walks.

The new change is her wanting us to be by her side constantly.  She wants no one to leave the house.  She’s more spoiled than ever because we’re so tired we can’t complain.  She’s got us wrapped around her tail wags and knows that if she cries we will hole up in a room with her.  No escape from her watchful gaze until she falls asleep.  Don’t think we can have bathroom breaks.  She’s up in a flash demanding that we return where she can keep an eye on us.  Her guarding hasn’t let up even though she’s the real danger keeping us from being productive with a constant stream of cartoons.  She likes their ‘soothing’ high pitched voices and will finally fall asleep but then still has a sixth sense to know when we’ve escaped.

Rosie Dickens Easter 2015 2 There was less need to protest during the snowing winter.  Yet, now after about three months of Rosie’s captivity we are itching to get out and work.  To do anything that isn’t sitting calmly by her side.  It’s a challenge saying no to her still adorable face, but we’re getting stir crazy.  There is so much we could be doing if we could actually sleep.  Her symptoms have her restless during the night.  She’s a patient but managing her care has us like sleep zombies.  Fighting over who is had more sleep to take her outside and do her bidding.  I never thought that I would want to avoid her unconditional love, but the constant companion is slowly wearing down our patience.  It’s not that we don’t love her we just need to recharge our batteries.

Don’t get me wrong, I dearly love Miss Rosie Dickens…its just wearing to be constantly in demand.  I’m pretty sure this is the first I’ve written on the blog about her cancer, but its been all over our twitter and instagram.  While she’s not ready for her final bon voyage, I have my doubts that Rosie will see her 15th birthday this coming Thanksgiving.  It’s hard to think about a life without Rosie as we’ve actually known she might be ours shortly after her birth.  While she wasn’t immediately my dog (we had another Labrador when we got Rosie) she switched allegiance shortly after we had to put Pepper down about 10 years ago now.

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