Feel Giddy With West Side Story at Drury Lane!

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2015 Disclosure (L to R) Lillian Castillo Christina Nieves Lauren Villegas Hands down, I’d almost always prefer a musical to a play. Showtunes are popular and it’s a bit of a surprise that while I’ve never seen West Side Story before, I actually knew most of the songs. Knowing the lyrics of course, doesn’t do the story justice. There is more action on this Upper West Side. Words don’t quite do the numbers justice.

(L to R) Christina Nieves and Jim DeSelm 2 Without the Sharks and the Jets there would be no Maria and Tony. I can’t say that I found the main couple in my favorites, but then again I usually favor supporting characters. The singing was phenomenal but truly the dancing is what I loved. The opening number had me wanting more of these territorial teens. They’re not hoodlums, but they certainly know how to show off with their dance moves.

(L to R) Carl Draper Ryan Fitzgerald Will Skrip Rhett Guter Cameron Edris Adrian Aguilar Lucas Fedele Not to say that Tony and Maria weren’t lovable they just were sweet in the midst of a broiling pot of misunderstandings. While based upon Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story the ending definitely has more impact. Also the issues are definitely much more adult without much influence from their parents. I wasn’t expecting the second act to be quite so controversial, but in a good way. The cast definitely did not disappoint during the serious moments.

While, I didn’t know quite what to expect it seems West Side Story is a fan favorite. Drury Lane has already extended the run by popular demand to Sunday, March 29th. I can’t blame them for falling in love with this musical that manages to prove that choices are just as important as the outcome. I certainly didn’t think much of Romeo or Juliet but Tony, Maria, the Jets and the Sharks live boldly and sing loud. There’s a lot more for you to hear between the notes and a lot to see between the dance steps.

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