Sangria Stoking The Summer

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Beso Del Sol Sangria

I received a gift card from Beso Del Sol in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

When I think of summer, generally I think of abundance.  Overflowing gardens filled with endless fruits and vegetables all ripe and luscious.  Sangria takes that fruit and mixes it with red wine creating a combination that is heady and over the top with flavor.  Your taste buds almost have trouble managing the bursts of flavor.

Proscuitto Pink Lady Apple slices on a baguette smeared with goat cheese Coupled with a warm summer day or night, you want to pair it with something more simple.  Barren almost in contrast to all the summer fruit of sangria to allow yourself a chance to enjoy both the sangria and the food.  So, we picked something that requires no extra heat but with varied textures.  A crusty baguette loaf covered with creamy goat cheese, extra thin slices of pink lady apple and luscious strips of proscuitto.

Beso Del Sol Sangria with Appetizers Coupled with Beso del Sol Sangria and that is possibly the easiest and best dinner you can have all summer.  The sangria cuts through the richness with the sweet fruit blend while the tart pink lady apple melds with the salty proscuitto.  The creamy goat cheese and the crusty bread encompass the textures that you can’t find in a cold glass of sangria.  Someone else made it for you, so you don’t get the same fresh fruit garnish.  So, the pink lady apple is there to enhance the flavor of the sangria.  The goat cheese has just enough bite to call for another sip of sangria to cleanse your palette.  The slight heat of the alcohol has you craving another soft and forgiving piece of bread.

The cycle continues until you realize that you are getting quite full.  The appetizer you planned turned out to be too good to put down and your loaf of bread has been consumed even before you had the chance to call in anyone else.  This means that dinner is unnecessary for you and you decided everyone else can fend for themselves.  You’ve had a complete meal with fruit and carbohydrates and protein.  You can make up for the lacking greens tomorrow morning.  Tonight, you just want to curl up with another glass of sangria and wait for the fireflies to come out.  

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