Opposites Think Alike With Lincoln

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Shakou Sushi #LincolnDriven2Dine

I participated in a #LincolnDriven2Dine event at Shakou Sushi in Libertyville, IL.  All opinions are my own.

By now you might know that we’re sisters.  Two of us keeping Rosie Discovers in great order, but you don’t know how different we are.  It’s a bit evident when we’re ordering.  We asked our lovely waitress Olivia for recommendations and she needed to know what we liked.  “I’m sweet; she’s sour,” I declared.  That was the first in a long line of choices.  While she loved her Happiness with hibiscus, and I raved over my French with pineapple.  Alison will have the salad and I will have the soup.  Which left us both saying we wished Shakou Sushi was in Arlington Heights.  She’s in love with tuna and I love everything else.   Which left us trading her piece of salmon nigiri for some of my Green Dragon roll.  She was bragging that the tuna is literally melting in her mouth and I’m absorbed in the creamy textures of the Green Dragon.  We get to dessert which for us was a no brainer: mochi. She’s strawberry and I’m green tea.  I have a feeling we might be going out of our way to go back to Shakou because we love sushi and that was top shelf.  To the point that we might have to add more shelves to our ranking system.

Front View Lincoln MKZ hybrid It’s a bit unexpected how our tastes are entirely opposite.   Alison likes more classic and dignified while I like more modern and bold.  So, when we got to the test driving portion we had to let someone else pick the car for us to drive or we’d be in disagreement the entire time.  Which led us to testing out the Lincoln MKZ hybrid.  There’s a lot of great features available most notable of which is the fully retractable panoramic roof.  Whether you want natural light during your drive or you want to do stargazing at night, this is one feature you will love. A gorgeous alternative to having a convertible while still being able to drive a hybrid.  The front seats have built-in massage functions meaning that you can relax during a long ride.  Even the rear seats have warming functions meaning no more squabbles over who gets to sit up front.  As long as you can keep them from fighting over the massage chairs up front, who am I kidding? Good luck settling that argument but at least everyone is warm all over.  Although, you can rest easily knowing that everyone in the back is well protected by the inflatable seat belts.  An improvement on air bags that protect the neck and head upon impact.
Lincoln Motor Company Lighted Logo The press to start feature is so easy to use it’s confusing.  My brain is thinking, no wait.  This can’t be all?  Surely there is more to it than pressing a button?  No.  It’s that simple.  Especially with park assist which allows you control over speed but does the parallel parking for you.  All the stress of driving fades away as you’ve got a fully loaded luxury vehicle taking away all the spatial calculations you need while finding the perfect parking spot.
Lincoln MKC Hybrid If that doesn’t catch your interest then perhaps you’re more like me and interested in the brand new Lincoln MKC.  Fully loaded it has not only park assist into a space but out of one as well.  We all know parallel parking is the worst when you get jammed into the perfect spot, but the MKC can get you out of it as well!  No more worries that you might ding the cars that cruelly trapped you.  After all when the color is smoke quartz you don’t exactly want to see it damaged.
Lincoln MKC console The best part about the new MKC is that it has a Sport function.  So those press to start buttons have an S gear.  So, when you want to go outside of your daily routine you have a fine-tuned suspension with tighter steering.  Do I love to go fast? Yes.  Do I dislike feeling like I left my stomach five miles back? Yes.  The stabilization means that you are not getting jerked around as you take tight turns.  Your ride is even smoother.  With a 2.3 Liter Powertrain EcoBoost engine which means more torque (305 lb per foot) and 285 horsepower.  This engine is also featured in the new 2015 Ford Mustang.   Can you imagine the power of a Mustang in an SUV? That’s a ride that will have you wanting to drive all day and night long.  Which with the bonus display of the Lincoln logo as you walk to your car at night means you’ll always know your car is ready for another trip.  Ok, how many other cars do  you know that greet you when you walk up to them?
Lincoln MKC Lighted Logo Greeting1 Not to mention that you have the leg activated lift gate.  No more needing to use your hands because the MKC is capable of opening it’s trunk.  You can choose how you want to experience your car. With options for extreme comfort, because honestly Lincoln is one of the smoothest rides, but with the comfort option it’s like floating over the road.  There’s also normal which is still smoother than most and then the sport which allows you to feel your speed.   Not to mention the blind spot sensors that alert you when someone is in your blind spot and prevent you from driving into another car.   With upgraded cruise control keeping you in your lane on the road, the MKC makes you feel like you might in fact have a butler in your car politely alerting you to any unexpected hazards while allowing you to remain in full control.
LincolnDriven2Dine Collage While we only got a little amount of time to experience the MKZ hybrid and MKC, sharing is hard but there were other people wanting a test drive as well.  We were definitely impressed with what Lincoln has to offer.  Not just the smooth ride we always thought of but with the technology and innovation to continue improving your driving experience.  Perhaps you want the ultimate comfort of the MKZ while still driving a hybrid like Alison or maybe you’re more like me interested in high performance with the easy to adapt system of the MKC.  We certainly can’t decide for you but even though we’re opposites Lincoln offers the ultimate driving experience for both of us.
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