Nielsen Massey Demo With Not One But Two Chefs!

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Nielsen Massey Display We’ve been lucky enough to go to the Nielsen Massey factory before.  This time, we got to see two chefs demo how they cook with vanilla. There are a few breakfast choices involved or we could just call it that.  I mean, desserts are supposed to be bad for you, but breakfast is good.  So, all of it I have deemed breakfast dishes.  No one should pass up Cap’n Crunch french toast or flan for breakfast.  Coupled with the second course of cinnamon rolls and pollo popatlanta?  and we were no longer able to sit still.  Good thing it was over by then or they’d have us bouncing around from a slight sugar high.

John Conley Salsa Brava Pollo Papantla Cooking with vanilla is easy when it’s Nielsen Massey.  You can add a hint of it to just about anything although as Chef John pointed out it’s subtler in savory dishes like his chicken thighs.  They were spicy with citrus and a touch of sweetness from the vanilla.

Sarah Simington Blue Moon Cafe Cap'n Crunch French Toast 2 I’m not saying it was better than Cap’n Crunch french toast, but it would be hard to beat that.  Topped not only with berries but a chantilly cream.  Heaven in large mouthfuls.  I recommend cooking lots and having a table at your disposal this is a breakfast you will want to sink your teeth into with the table keeping your stack of french toast from toppling over.

John Conley Salsa Brava Flan 2 The more easy to eat flan was melt in your mouth perfect.  The carmel was just right after being created with pulled sugar.  We’re seriously going to have to try making our own although, we don’t have marble countertops for cooling.  We can let it cool slowly though.  We’d probably need a thermometer to know when to pour it anyhow.   Boiling sugar is not an everyday dish in our kitchen.  But after gracing every dish with his carmel stars we began to realize they could be used as a garnish for practically anything.  So, why not impress our guests with something they might be too afraid to make themselves.

Sarah Simington Blue Moon Cafe Cinnamon Rolls The cinnamon rolls were perfect.  Supposedly, they come in an even bigger size when Chef Sarah makes them in her restaurant but we weren’t complaining.  I can’t quite say I prefer them to our yeasted rolls, but knowing that the recipe is perfected well enough to make hundreds of them for a crew of 600 on a NAVY ship means they are enough to win over any hungry crowd.  They’re quick too and we are not afraid of spreading flour around the kitchen.

Nielsen Massey Sara Simington John Conley It’s always a treat to get invited to Nielsen Massey for a chef demo, we always see something unique and even learn while there.  This demo featured Chef Sara Simington of The Blue Moon Cafe and Chef John Conley of Salsa Brava and Fat Olives Pizzeria.   Both two very different types of restaurants, but both incorporating Nielsen Massey Vanillas to make amazingly tasty treats.

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