Febreze Fix Your Nosebindness With a Giveaway!

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Febreze NoseBlind Pin This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Febreze has been around for a while now.  You’ve probably heard of it but may not have tried it.  We’ll be honest, we try to use less product in our house because we also have sensitive pets who will lick or try to ingest everything.  So, when we got word of a some changes making Febreze pet safe, we thought that maybe we could get away from some of that pet smell.

Rosie Dickens may be a rockstar at 13 and a half years old, but she is also a stinker.  She stinks up the house with her dog presence which she thinks is a great deterrent against intruders, and it may be.  We have certainly never had any, but I’m not certain that they would really get a whiff of her stench and rethink being in our house.


So, we wanted to give Febreze another try.  Were we really noseblind?  The answer was found during a night at our aunt’s house.  She has pets as we do and we wanted to see if there truly was a difference.  So, we planned a movie night with popcorn and sat back to let our noses do all the work.  We noted that we could in fact smell her cats before moving onto buttered popcorn.  The aroma of popcorn coated the kitchen.  We were wondering if we should crack open a window it was so heady.

Febreze NoseBlind Popcorn Whipping out our selection of Febreze, we quickly snuck a bit of the Air Effects mist around the room.  When our aunt came back into the room, she could finally tell the difference!  The smell of cats and popcorn was eliminated.  We were not feeling sick with popcorn invading our nostrils.  The mellow scent of meadows & rain had us back in movie heave listening to the movie.  No more reminder that we had an extra set of eyes watching with us or an empty bowl of popcorn resting on the table.  We were free of the everyday smells and could relax.  No thoughts that maybe someone needed a bath or that we should be washing dishes.  When we returned to the kitchen, the popcorn smell was still there but the Febreze did the trick.  Otherwise the next morning we’d have come downstairs to a surprise of last night’s popcorn.

Lucky for you, we are giving away a prize pack of Febreze and a $60 Amex gift card.  So, you too can enjoy a house that leaves you able to invite guests over without having to worry about being noseblind.  No one wants to smell Rosie when they walk through our front door, except Rosie that is.  :)  Don’t forget to take the Noseblind test here and to follow Febreze on Facebook and Twitter.

To enter answer the question from the Rafflecopter form below in the comment section of our blog.  Not in the Rafflecopter window but down below that because some of our readers haven’t been qualifying for their entries. Make sure your comment shows up at the bottom of this post to win Febreze and the $60 Amex gift card!

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