Ford: More Fun Than Vodka

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Ford EcoBoost Challenge I heard a few weeks ago from an Arctic explorer that being woken up by a polar bear eliminates your need for a cup of coffee.  I’d like to say that being driven by a professional driver in the Ford Fiesta also eliminates your need for stimulants.  I’m actually a bit glad I don’t know how to drive manual, (what? I never had a car with manual transmission so I never learned) because that meant I got to ride with a pro.  Our lap wasn’t timed but I know we were going much faster than everyone else.  Mike got to asking what I did as a food blogger and I mentioned making drink recipes.  At the end, he asked me if our lap in the Fiesta was more fun than drinking vodka and the answer of course is YES!

Today, we got to experience the new Ford EcoBoost Challenge.  The test between other cars of similar style with each Ford.  Personally, we’ve never owned a Ford.  So, I can’t say they rate all that high on our list, but that is because we’ve never been the car purchasers before.  I can definitely see why you’d want a Ford over a Toyota.   I drove the Toyota Camry before the Ford Focus, and I was stunned at the difference.  The speed and ability to go around turns was significantly better.  We’re talking the difference between getting a regular beverage from Starbucks to hand crafting our own from home with our espresso machine.  You just can’t believe that they’re the same kind of anything.

Ford EcoBoost Challenge Course Hands down Ford handles better than the competitors.  The higher torque is highly noticeable during the slalom.  The suspension has you feeling much more comfortable.  Basically, this means I was much more comfortable going faster in the Ford versus the competitors.  Clearly, the comfort level would increase if you had more time to drive each car, but the fact that you can tell so easily between each one was staggering.  I cannot believe anyone would want a Camry the responsiveness had me feeling anxious while the Honda CR-V was somewhere in the middle.  The Silverado was definitely feeling like a boat in comparison to the the F-150.

Ford Fiesta ST The Fiesta is definitely our favorite while I have to say it’s hard to choose between the Ford Escape and the Ford C-MAX.  Both were smooth although the C-MAX has regenerative braking which means that your ride is so smooth you’d barely notice you were slowing down.  Basically, the brake pads don’t engage unless you are giving the brake pedal quite a good touch, more than a quarter push.  Compared to my Sebring Touring convertible the ride was smoother during braking.

I can understand why you would like to drive a Ford every day.  The handling is great and the suspension systems are beyond what you’d find in other models.  The only thing I didn’t completely love was the console set up.  I’m just accustomed to my console and display being lower and less in my face.  Of course, my console doesn’t have all the new technology with a back-up camera or fancy sound system.  So, there is definitely a reason for why there is more up front in a new 2014 Ford.

2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Challenge While they are only at the Arlington Heights Race Track for two days, we hope maybe some of our readers will get a chance to take the Ford EcoBoost Challenge.  Don’t forget to check out the new 2015 Mustang while you’re there; sadly you can’t drive it but you know you want to gaze upon its splendor regardless.  You have to register for a time slot, but if you’re looking to buy a new car this is definitely something to keep in mind.  You’re not going to get the same kind of experience at a car dealership.  I dare you to try having more fun than us!  You can try but you may just want to go with vodka instead because unless you get a ride from one of their professionals in the Ford Fiesta you are already way behind us.  I’d wipe the smile plastered on my face off, but I’m enjoying this too much.  Remember to drink and drive responsibly!

There are still time slots for tomorrow afternoon in Arlington Heights!  Sign up here for the Ford EcoBoost Challenge.  The tour continues 6/28 in San Francisco and ends 7/19 in Indianapolis.

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