Gutsy Chewy No More Oooing

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Gutsy Chewy

I was sent this product for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

There is nothing worse than being sick over foods that everyone else can eat.  Especially as a food blogger, going to an event and then refusing to taste something isn’t the best business practice.  I have to know what that tomato sauce tastes like and I do need to know if I actually like it paired with more than one pasta.

So, you can imagine the scenario in which either I avoid highly acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes and chili peppers or I have a small taste only to feel the burn twice.  Once when I eat it and the second time around when my stomach reminds me that it’s not average.  This acidic substance does not agree with our perfectly balanced system of low acid.

Gutsy Chewy Tabs When we got Gutsy Chewy, I was suspicious.  There are a lot of supposed cures to your queasy, uneasy, refluxy feeling and in most cases that product will worsen my symptoms.  A sign my gastroenterologist claims is a sure sign that it is in fact my digestive system rebelling.  Great, I thought.  So, I know that I have a problem but nothing out there will fix it beyond limiting my diet which is not too difficult.  Except when it comes to work.  I can’t refuse to try samples because I know that many of our readers do partake in tomatoes and oranges and the list goes on.

Hence my cautious glee over an all natural product that would cure those pangs.  The ones that my stomach and gut send to remind me that I have in fact eaten something off the beaten path.  The best part is knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body.  Not like the ridiculous names that drug companies give to ingredients to keep them secret and completely unsettling.  Knowing that I’m ingesting foods I could technically eat on my own, although let’s be honest, papaya, licorice, xylitol and apple cider vinegar does not sound like a completely appetizing smoothie option.  However, in a convenient pill form that tastes more like a berry or orange is much more palatable.

Sticking the tube into my purse, I was ready to be bold.  Try that new marinara sauce!  Eat the spicy buffalo wings!  Even, most unexpected of all, drink a glass of regular orange juice!  The one substance I miss more than the others.  Confession, my entire family does not drink orange juice.  Why you might ask? That is because my will power is limited.  Faced with a container of a deliciously tangy and sweet beverage in the fridge for more than a few days and I will drink a glass.  Which in turn will lead to hours of regret which does not outweigh the momentary satisfaction at drinking a citrus juice.

Now, with my Gutsy Chewy on hand, I can be average.  I can eat all the foods I desire.  I am not saying that I have lost all control and sense.  I am not planning on eating my weight in tomatoes or drinking only orange juice for a week to make up for lost time.  However, I can eat what I like and know that if I start to feel the usual symptoms that my stomach does not agree with my taste buds that I have a solution.  I can chew that gutsy tablet and allow the relief to wash through my gut.  Nothing beats a happy gut because no one can avoid every food forever!

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