IHHS2014 or The Weekend I Walked 20+ Miles in 3 days

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Rainbow of Microplane IHHS Over a week ago there was a lot going on here in the Chicago area.  Not only was it St. Patrick’s day….it was my birthday, International Association of Culinary Professionals was in town and also the International Home + Housewares Show was at McCormick Place.  Before this all occured I was exhausted just thinking about it!

I’m always up to see all the newest things in housewares so I bravely hit up the show, not knowing that I’d end up walking 20+miles in 3 days.  If you’ve never attended IHHS let me tell you its crazy big and takes up a lot of McCormick Place.  I’m no stranger to McCormick as I’ve previously attended the National Restaurant show and the Chicago Auto show, but I had no idea how much was really involved in IHHS2014.  It actually takes up the entire main floor of McCormick North and South along with the Lakeside Center.

Awesome Ice Cream Canisters IHHS Unbeknownst to me I started on the main floor when all the interesting kitchen stuff was actually in the Lakeside Center.  I spent most of 1 day wandering around looking at baking pans, cleaning products and different smalls.  I also saw a lot of nifty things. Like these hard plastic reusable ice cream canisters.

Soapbox IHHS Like the Soapbox line of products, if the folks working the booth hadn’t reached out to stop me I’d have missed them.  Let me tell you Soapbox is not to be missed!  Not only do they donate to charity their products are truly amazing.  They smell fantastic and I definitely foresee them in my house.

Good Cook Banana Grocery Display Not only did I see things I’d love to have at home, I also saw nifty ideas for displaying products at grocery stores.  Everyone knows Good Cook products, but did you know they also make things to display fruits and veggies at stores?  I certainly didn’t!  Even though I’m allergic to bananas….this definitely caught my eye.

I Remington 1 Cup Coffee Maker Last but not least I was fairly impressed with the I-Remington single cup coffee maker.  Even though I have my very own fancy espresso machine, I’m always interested in the newest coffee offerings.  I liked the I-Remington because it doesn’t have the sticker shock price of a Keurig and it makes a pretty decent cup of coffee using a k-cup.  I also liked that you can use any kind of manufactured k-cup in it as opposed to the new Keurig that will only use Keurig brand cups.  I’m all for being able to make your own choices when it comes to coffee.

So those are my fave highlights from the IHHS2014 show!  I hope y’all see some of these products in stores soon and check them out.

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