Sunset Food’s Lucky 7’s Giveaway

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As if there weren’t already many great reasons to shop at Sunset Foods, now you can win prizes!  For their 77th anniversary they are starting their Lucky 7’s Giveaway.  Splendid shoppers can win $100 gift cards starting February 19th!   Their giveaway will last until March 28 with the chance to win big with over $20,000 worth of prizes.

You even have the chance to win one of five one thousand dollar gift cards or even a vespa scooter!  We know you’re as excited as we are becuase the best gift is definitely being able to splurge even more at our favorite grocery store!  There has never been a better reason to stop by Sunset Foods as they show us once again how much they appreciate their customers!

You probably already know as well as we do how well they treat their customers.  During our last visit to Sunset Foods, one customer who we could only assume was a first time Sunset shopper was startled by their customer service.  She didn’t realize that their service was so excellent and was unaware that they unload your cart for you, but she smiled when she realized that they only wanted to make her day better.   Good service that you can’t find anywhere else and a chance to win prizes means the next month at all five Sunset Foods’ locations will be even more rewarding.  We hope more of our readers will have the chance to experience a grocery adventure at Sunset Foods because everyone deserves the best quality ingredients coupled with their outstanding customer service.

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