Super Mario 3D Land Bowser’s Castle Building Set

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K’Nex sets are relatively new to us.  I suppose because we were always pushed towards doing our own thing.  While it’s nice to be able to build whatever you want sometimes you need the extra push from a pro.  The handy detailed blueprints to build a tower any evil doer would want to inhabit.  Of course, this one is reserved for my arch-nemesis Bowser.

Complete with Princess Peach to rescue Mario from yet another kidnapping plot.  What do you mean it’s the other way around?  Excuse me, this is my story I’m telling because I built this castle and I can kidnap whomever I like! Ahem, where was I?  Oh yes, while Mario was kidnapped again by Bowser, honestly he needs to stop asking for directions.  Doesn’t everyone have GPS on their phones these days?

I followed him to this castle, what like you don’t have child safety features set up for your kids? Mario just needs some extra care, it’s not stalking I assure you.  Besides, he ended up needing my help after all.  What with those rotating flames? And the evil giant dragon who can fly?  Plus all of those elevators and floors?  He was bound to get lost the poor thing.  I mean, really, he has no GPS.  He probably got lost on account of him being tied up and all.  How would he have found his way out of that elaborate maze?  Luckily, Princess Peach was there to rescue him.

She sails in to save the day with jumping action.  She glides across the ramp with ease avoiding deadly traps and earthquake panels.  She is a skilled pink dervish and races to the top of the tower to battle Bowser.  Finally, using all of her might to earn that star!  Mario was grateful to be found yet again.  Maybe next time he’ll listen to Princess Peach and plan his route ahead of time.  I doubt he’ll find such an elaborately decked out castle next time.

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