#ShareJoy this Holiday Season with Starbucks

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One thing I need in copious amounts during the holiday season is coffee.  I typically spend the 3-4 days leading up to Christmas Eve frantically baking.  This year was no different in that regard, but I had Starbucks new Holiday Blend to keep me going.  While I do love the holidays, they’re crazy busy at our house.  We’re responsible for the majority of the desserts and cookies at family gatherings, which don’t get me wrong is great as you might have noticed that I love to bake.  However, it’s hard to schedule everything out when you have one oven and limited fridge space and everything you decided to make that year is something new.  Let’s be honest, every year I make new and over the top desserts for the holidays.  :)
Yet to get all this done I need coffee!  Having a cup of coffee forces me to take a break while refueling for more baking.  Starbucks sent me their retooled Holiday Blend coffee to make this all possible.  This year’s blend consists of Latin American and Indonesian coffees which give you an herbal and maple-y cup of joe.  Perfect to go with all those cookies and other sweets!  They also sent some super cute holiday mugs to make things more festive around here.  I especially love that they are squat and round because my coffee stays warmer a lot longer.
Not only did this awesome package come right before the holidays, Starbucks also sent along an extra bag for me to share with one lucky reader!  If you need some holiday pick me up after your celebrations, use the rafflecopter form below to enter.  Contest open to 18+ US only.  Leave a comment below letting me know how your family celebrates the holidays!

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