First World Problems: Did You Smell Something?

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We’ve recently started going to food swaps.  Last time we had a visit from the Marshmallow Fairy and got delectable Salted Carmel Marshmallows!  They are beyond phenomenal in hot cocoa or plain.  As such, when we heard they were going to be at the food swap in Winnetka, we knew we had to schedule it in so we could get more mallows!  More!

We decided to can some of our apple filling which we have been altering for various apple recipes.  Only when you find a pot in the basement that might have been in your house for more than twenty years you may be in for a surprise.  As were we, as we heated up water in this canning pot which was going completely normal until the water started to get closer to a boil.  There was a funny smell and we realized that the formica next to the stove was melting!  There is a black spot the size of a silver dollar next to our stove!  We had no idea that it would melt at all.  We boil pots of that size all the time on that burner, but they’re not nearly so old.  We had no trouble using another pot to can our apple mixture, but it was certainly a hair raising moment.

Followed by the dog being unsupervised which led to a foot licking frenzy.  She has a fetish and licks non-stop.  So, then we had a dog who was bleeding all over the kitchen.   Rosie certainly was not cooperative.  She wanted to be in the kitchen near all the smells but she was stubbornly wanting not to be cleaned.

We found out that we cannot make coconut butter in our new ninja blender.  The blender is too powerful and the coconut was too dry.  So, we had a messy blender with stubborn coconut that I wanted to put on my toast but could only stare at longingly.  Oh, fresh bread with coconut butter is marvelous for breakfast.  Alas, we are without coconut butter.   Hard times they are here.

As always the cat continues his nightly terrors.  He runs from room to room wanting to snuggle with a human.  For some reason, he does not like being kicked.  He will run out of the room and then return shortly afterwards.  He is most fickle.  Thus, causing all the heat to escape from the room with a humidifier running.  He has taken to creepily staring as well.  He goes from human to human when hungry and meows and hopes for signs of awareness.  Then, he will settle to stare at Susie as she sleeps.  He can sit still for hours staring waiting for her to wake up which can start earlier than dawn.

So that was our crazy week!  How was yours?

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