Sunset Foods: A Love Letter

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Dear Sunset Foods,

We were most pleased when we were introduced to your store.  There is a multitude of variety and at the highest quality.   Where else can you get fish that is caught on the same day?  You can even tell us when that fish was caught and by whom! Your excellence is something we like to call top shelf.

That is not to say that you only have high shelves in your store, as we duly noted you had the usual amount with varying heights.  Yet, those shelves are packed with delightful ingredients.  Be it your organic or gluten free products all arranged in one location so that we no longer have to hunt for them.  A whole wall in the produce section solely for organics!  Like a dream come true, we can swiftly pass down the aisles knowing that we can find anything we need.  You even had fresh squeezed orange juice with the provenance on full display.  Do you prefer oranges from Florida? Or perhaps from California? You are in luck as you will not be lead astray!

If you are overwhelmed by their staggering selection and are afraid to choose, then fear not! They are there to back you up with their prepared dinner menu Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.  Not only can you get an entire meal already cooked to perfection, but you can sample all of the components in the store!  Not that you have to purchase the entire meal they provide but you can pick and choose what you wish.  Be it a side dish, main course, wine or dessert that you seek, they will have one or more at their peak.  Their hot foods vary from fried chicken to pasta to Chinese to soup.   Their bakery is also putting out more fresh breads and goodies baked in the store.

Not only is this staff on hand to craft delightful tastes.  They also provide specialty services with their catering and cakes.  Where else could you find a three tier wedding cake for a hundred dollars? One that is made according to your desires!  Their breads are crusty or soft, whichever you prefer can be found in a glance.  Even their coffee cakes are made by hand!

Their salads are versatile premade in the deli.  Or you can venture to the salad bar to craft your own.  There is even an olive bar and one for trail mix.  You can create your own mixes from the fresh ingredients!  All of their foods are made on demand if you see something you want then they can make more! Nothing sitting out for hours in this store.  There meats and fish come raw or seasoned.  If you ask, they can even provide a recipe for what you want out of the case.  They even have aged beef for that steakhouse taste!

 Their own line of organic deli is delicious.  Their turkey is sourced from Michigan. Truly all their foods can be easily traced.  Most picked over the others for the quality and local origins.  The best part is that you can ask any of their staff and they will be able to tell you about the food you are purchasing.  No longer will you wonder where your food comes from.

There is a sandwich grill that can assemble your lunch.  Or perhaps you need assembly of a different sort, such as a gift basket! Well, you are in luck as they have a gift basket service at hand so you can share these foods with everyone.  They even have organic wines and craft beers.  Plus a florist to craft beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

If you prefer not to shop, then you can have everything delivered! Or you can even pick up your groceries! They’ll put them in your car!  You can order online for delivery as well.  Truly there is no end to their customer service!

All we have left to say is that we can hardly believe what we have found!  A store with such selection!  The quality is beyond compare we almost wish we could live there! Or that they had an even closer store! We would gladly drive a great distance but hope for even more Sunset Foods to appear.  We know we certainly would shop there for all of our needs!

With much love and appreciation your newest loyal customers,

Alison and Susie

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