Delivery Man in Theaters November 22nd

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We were able to see The Delivery Man this summer.  We were not entirely certain what to expect from this film.  We do like Vince Vaughn in general but the plot is unlike any other.  A man finds out that he is the biological father of 533 children after having donated to a sperm bank consistently over a period of time because they are suing to find out his identity.

While this elicits laughter, the real key was in how the movie handles such an outrageous number of children.  The funny keeps coming as David Wozniack (played by Vince Vaughn) tries to figure out if he should interact with them.  He’s pressed with real examples of fatherhood by his friend and lawyer.  He hears all the naysayers telling him the idea is crazy.  He is a delivery man for his family’s butcher store.  Yet, as he begins to secretly meet his children he has the chance to ask himself what he really wants in life.  They allow him the chance to rethink what kind of life he should be living.

We knew it was hit when they managed to take the hilarious situation and fill it with heart.  While he secretively sees some of his children, he still has the relationships with his family and girlfriend.  We find through his interaction with his kids that he is more than what we expected to find.  His true reason for donating sperm is one that will make you feel warm on the inside.  Completely unexpected because the act of donating sperm is not usually one that would make you want to hug anyone involved in the process.  You will find yourself rooting for this unique man as he tries to balance a normal life with an extraordinary amount of children.

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