Pampers Because Sleeping Isn’t Just For Babies & Giveaway

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Recently Pampers asked me if I knew any new parents who needed the gift of sleep.  My cousin and his wife had the cutest little boy earlier this year.  Let’s call him Peanut, that’s him dressed as Popeye with his mom.  Being brand new parents, I knew they could definitely use the gift of sleep!  Pampers is out to help parents get more sleep with their new diapers that now keep baby dry up to 12 hours.  After a long day fighting, he certainly needs 12 hours of sleep to prepare for the next one!

I wanted to gift mom and dad with some special foodie treats.  Did you know there are special foods that actually help you to fall asleep and stay asleep?  There are actually about five of them.  In no special order those five are bananas, nuts, carbs, dairy (or nut milk) and tart cherries.  I also picked up a few other treats like some nice bottles of wine, herbal tea, hummus and fancy granola.  That wrapped package was a surprise for Peanut.  Can’t exclude baby, even when you’re focusing on the parents.  Although, he knew that really everything was for him.  As he persistently and thoroughly checked everything in his basket.  After all, he’s obviously the boss.

Even though chocolate isn’t on the sleep inducing food list, I made some Buttermilk Oat Tart Cherry and Chocolate Scones as an extra special treat.  Tart cherries are one of the best sleep aides.  Be on the lookout for the recipe sometime next week!

Not only is Pampers letting me give the gift of sleep to my cousins, they’re also providing a nifty gift pack for me to give away to one lucky Rosie Discovers reader.  One lucky reader will win a Sleep Sheep sound machine, cozy blankets for Mom/Baby and a $50 gift card!  To enter use the rafflecopter form below.  Contest is open to US residents 18 years or older.  Contest will run from October 18th thru October 27th.

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