Got Plans this Weekend? Check out the Chicago Fine Chocolate Show at Navy Pier!

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Psst….yeah, you over there.  Got plans this weekend?  No?  Love Chocolate?  Then you’ll have to join us at the Chicago Fine Chocolate and Dessert Show this weekend October 18-20th at Navy Pier.  This is the second year and from what I’m reading its going to be even bigger and better than last year!

Last year we were lucky enough to attend the chocolate show and we had a blast!  You may remember reading our sneak peaks of the show last year.  Looking at those just goes to show how much I’ve grown as a blogger.  This year, even though I wanted to try all the chocolate possible before the show, time got away from me and we’re going to show you some of what was our fave last year.

If you’re in the Chicago area and haven’t yet tried Mayana Chocolates, you should run right out to pick some up.  Chef Daniel makes the most amazing, to die for chocolates with rich vibrant flavors.  If you stop by their facebook page, you’ll see this amazing photo that yours truly took!  I can’t wait to see what he’s got in-store for us this year.

Another amazing chocolatier is flying noir.   Karen makes the most gorgeous hand painted chocolates.  Each one is truly a work of art.  There is also a surprising amount of spice in each piece.  Last year we were lucky enough to sample her hot chocolate blends.  Let me tell you, if you love a kick in your sweets these are right up your alley!  Especially if you have a hard to please chocolate lover at the very least you are giving them something handcrafted that they might even try to hang on their wall.  I’m not saying that they will but you never know.  Some of us chocolate lovers take love to an entirely new level.

You’ll also see chocolate liqueurs.  We particularly loved 360 Double Chocolate Vodka.  It had a great chocolate taste that we love using in mixed drinks and pastries.  That’s right, did you know you can sub vodka in for water in pastries?  Especially pie dough.  This way you get extra unexpected flavor in your desserts. Nothing like pie that doesn’t scream for some chocolate!  You so rarely find a good chocolate pie crust.  Not to mention a good martini with chocolate because alcohol can do that now, make adult drinks taste like candy bars.

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